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Difference between members and subscribers


I was wondering if a community is actually restricted to only selected members who can post, would that make "members" and "subscribers" interchangeable by definition then? In other words, if post access is restricted, then there's no benefit of being a "member" since you can subscribe without being a member, right?

I just want to ask since I'm running a community but only few people can post. So I was wondering if "opening" membership has any benefits at all. Thanks!
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A member would be able to see flocked posts, but a subscriber wouldn't.
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Members can see members-only entries, subscribers can't. If you only have public entries there won't be a difference; but if members make locked posts subscribers will be left out.
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In addition to the points above about locked entries, there are also some comment permission controls based on membership. For example, some communities screen comments by non-members. Occasionally I would turn that mode on for one of my communities which had an intermittent problem with drive-by obnoxiousness.
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I don't know if anybody else does this, but sometimes I go through a period where I'm less interested in a community (for instance, if it's fandom-related and the show is on hiatus) and at that point I'll unsubscribe from the community so I won't see posts on my reading page. If I unsubscribe and I'm not a member, then I'll likely forget what the community was called because it's no longer in the list of the communities I'm a member of. So being a member definitely has a benefit for me even if I can't post.