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A question about importing

Hello! I came over from LJ a little while ago, imported my journal and everything, and ever since I've been crossposting to LJ. Now, I'd like to ask if it's possible to import the comments I've got on LJ to those crossposted entries, or if I import comments again, will it also bring over everything else? In other words, does the program realize that the posts & some comments are already here, and import only the new comments? I've a feeling that I'll eventually leave the whole LJ behind, but there are some comments I'd like to keep. Thanks!
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The importer will recognize the entries crossposted from DW and only add the new comments to them. It *should* also recognize the entries previously imported from LJ, but with LJ being so crappy at the moment, there is a risk that it will mess with the importer and you'll get duplicates for your old LJ entries.