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Need to contact DW staff directly.

 Hello all,

Three days ago, I had the misfortune of stumbling upon a community that makes some quite disturbing posts.  I would prefer not to go into details of exactly what was posted in this community, so I'll just say that it goes against DW's Terms of Service and I reported it for the posts.  Since then, I have been waiting for a speedy response from DW as I've always heard that DW has excellent, speedy customer service.

But apparently, when you report a problem, the report is posted on a public list for volunteers to try to figure out in exchange for points.  Understandably, no one has volunteered to help with this issue, so since the problem has yet to be addressed and the nature of these posts is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, I'd like to contact the DW staff directly.  But I can't seem to find a link by which to do this.  Would anyone have one?
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[personal profile] inlovewithnight 2013-01-20 03:40 am (UTC)(link) I believe this might be the info you need?
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It's worth noting that stuff emailed to the abuse@ address generates a report in the Terms of Service category on the support board, so it's just a matter of whether filing the report on the support board or sending an email is the most convenient, as it all winds up in the same place.
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I've alerted [personal profile] misskat to this post. Alternatively, you can email
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Particular catagories such as TOS, Abuse and accounts are not publicly available for volunteers.
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You can see the non-public requests you made (while logged in: there's got to be some way to link it to your account), so that you can also see the answers.
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Yeah - I would say that your permission settings let you look at the ticket because you created it, but if I go to to filter for request types, I can only see: communities, crossposting, entries, general/unknown, importer, openID, site interface & styles.

It's the same on the various LJ clones - you need to have special backend permission in order to see those catagories, but general volunteers can help out on the basic tickets.

(For reference, I had a quick look at the tickets I can see, and I don't think I can see your ticket.)
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Yeah, you ought to be reporting this to or opening a support ticket. If that's not doing it, PM [personal profile] misskat (Dee has been having wrist issues and if she's got the good sense God gave a goldfish, she's AFK right now, so you don't want to sic her on 'em this week.)
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Uh, she works here. As in, is a paid employee works here, that is her paid employee works here account. It's pretty patronizing to suggest that she's not up to coping with the demands of her position. I'm sure that's not how you meant it, but it's her and Dee's jobs to deal with site abuse issues, I think they're going to be able to handle it.

And frankly, if you've come across something that can honestly shock Dee, I will be impressed. But chances are very, very small that you're going to be able to find something on-site which nobody on staff has ever seen before.
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For what it's worth, just because you haven't gotten a response yet doesn't mean there isn't already work going on on your ticket behind-the-scenes. The Support system makes it possible for Dreamwidth staff and certain experienced volunteers to discuss and document the specifics of a case in a secure manner, and they'll send you a follow-up as appropriate when they can.

In the case of Abuse/Terms of Service specifically, the people who work on these cases are all very much prepared to deal with the kinds of things you reported, and have dealt with similar things numerous times before. I wouldn't bother PMing a staff member even to their staff account, simply because the Support structure exists to contain this all in one place where it can be dealt with properly and the burden doesn't fall on just one person.