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importing entries by date (from LJ)

Is there a way to import only some of the LJ entries (by date)? I need to import all of 2012 and 2013 but cant figure out how to do it without redoing all the entries

I've already imported all of 2011 and older

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No; there used to be a bug up for it, but we couldn't figure out a good way to make it happen, so it got closed.
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Oh wait--on rereading your question, you should be able to just reimport and it won't create duplicates. That is, you imported in 2011 and now just want to get back up to date. If it does, go to Support, but I think we have that problem licked by now!
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Argh, I am sorry. I don't know if your import has any additional data to save from it like DW-side-only comments, but if it doesn't, there is a nuking utility they'll give you and you can just start fresh.