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Importing Community Entries and Comments

Given the new LJ TOS (which is really a POS) and the CHECHNYAN CONCENTRATION CAMPS FOR GAY PEOPLE, moving away from LiveJournal is a requirement. I started trying to import the LJ comm [community profile] twispitefic from LJ to Dreamwidth yesterday (currently open to fic and crossover deconstructions written about Twilight, Fifty Shades, and Barbara G. Walker's Feminist Fairy Tales, which, trust me, are about as feminist as a Cro-Magnon). The profile, the tags, the sidebar, etc. have moved over; the entries and comments have not.

I'm not sure if this is a delay in the queue or if there's a problem with importing a community. Either way, I need some help. I really don't want six years of stories to vanish, and the members of the comm are urging me to move it to Dreamwidth immediately. Which I'd be more than happy to do.

This is important, because the comm Das_Sporking also has to be imported to [community profile] das_sporking2. (There is a Das_Sporking comm on Dreamwidth, but it has not been updated since 2013, and the only mod for it hasn't been around for almost a year.) Das_Sporking has been around for about eight years, and there are a LOT of posts and comments to import. No one wants to lose the entries and comments, but we can't remain on LJ under Russian law (including the anti-gay law) either. And many of our members have said that Das_Sporking is the only reason that they still have an LJ account.

For the record, this is what I'm seeing on the Import Journal page:

Importer Queue Depth:
bio: 0, comments: 1273, entries: 1624, friendgroups: 0, friends: 1, tags: 0, userpics: 0, verify: 0

Profile data: Finished successfully as of 21 hours ago; created 21 hours ago
Journal comments: Waiting for entries to finish; created 21 hours ago
Journal entries: Waiting in the queue as of 21 hours ago; created 21 hours ago
Tags: Finished successfully as of 21 hours ago; created 21 hours ago
Icons: Finished successfully as of 21 hours ago; created 21 hours ago
Verifying username/password: Finished successfully as of 21 hours ago; created 21 hours ago

Is it getting ready to import? Is it not able to import entries?

Please help. I'm lost.
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They're still in the queue. The importer takes things first come first serve. Until you get an error message, don't fret. It's chugging along.
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Here from /latest! A lot of people are moving from LJ (as you well know); but since actual journals and comments are much more data than profiles/tags/icons, it's taking more time. It's not an issue on your end - in fact, it's just that there are so many other journals in the queue - which of course goes in chronological order by when people submit their import requests - and that the journals themselves have so much with entries and comments, that it's taking more time than usual. That, and the fact that I heard (since I don't volunteer/work from DW, so I'm just reading around) that there's a limit to how many journals can be in the importer at a time so it's just siphoning from journal to journal as they get imported.

tl;dr it's not you, it's not even dreamwidth, it's just the vast amount of people who are importing battling how many journals can be imported at one time (and presumably how much is on each of those journals, but I could be wrong about this.) It's taking ~30 hours I think on average for a journal to be imported if you submit the import request right now. wait for maybe a day and a half and see if everything is imported by then?
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Also [staff profile] denise made a post yesterday:
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Hello fast typer

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Ninja'd! 8^D
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Re: Hello fast typer

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(aha, i refreshed and suddenly saw your comment too!)
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you're totally support. everyone's support right now.

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one of us, one of us, one of us!
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Re: you're totally support. everyone's support right now.

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everybody is support
everybody is support

everybody is support

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You should read this DW_Maintenance post. The importer is working but the transfer is going to take a few days at least due to the demand. LiveJournal limits the number of requests it will handle at a time as a way to thwart attacks, thus the wait to transfer so many journals from LJ to DW.

Next consideration: you have to be the owner of both the LJ com and the DW com to be allowed to transfer it to DW. You will have to keep trying to contact the owner of Das_Sporking to get them to run the importer again and close the LJ side of the com.
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Then it sounds like you are all set to import the LJ Das_Sporking to the DW Das_Sporking2, comments included. Party time!
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You're welcome! ^_^