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Hey all,

I've been on dreamwidth for a long, long time now, and even went to a crazy house party that Mark and crew threw back in the day. Met Mark and Denise and Azzy and even Tupshin and petted their dogs and stuff. Was a blast.

Recent politics have forced my hand to finally kill off my LJ. (I've unkilled it for a bit so I can reclaim my openid, but it's ultimately going the way of the dodo).

That said, I've tried using my old LJ client, jlj. (In the list of clients, someone links to a newer version but it's a dead link).

It doesn't seem to want to work, and bombs out with Client Error: Missing required arguments.

I'm competent enough in perl to try to fix it, and try and get it running, but I can't find the interface specs.

Could someone point me to the relevant docs?

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Looks like you already found the dev comm.