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I've set up[ a comm. I've set myself up as mod/administrator. I've set up my email to receive notifications. I've set up a co-mod with administrator privileges. So far, so good.

How do I set up email notifications for both me and my co-mod? Can I do that, or does my co-mod need to do it?

I've seen instructions in the FAQ for how to set up as a solo mod, pass all the modly duties on when you want to give up modding, but not how to share modding duties. Please help!
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I remember reading somewhere that there's a simple way to view a community and choose to see only posts by a particular user. For example, using this method, I could go to [community profile] do_it and see only the to-do lists I've posted from my [personal profile] dorothean account. (And then I can worry about the to-do list items I haven't crossed off!)

I haven't the faintest idea how to do this, and it's not addressed in the FAQs, unless I am overlooking something. Possibly, I only dreamed that this feature exists. But if it's real, how does one use it?

Thanks! Sorry if this has already been covered here -- I just joined, and don't see anything in the last 60 entries.
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I've got a quick question about the communities that are recommended when you invite someone to Dreamwidth. The list of communities seems to come from a selection that the person giving the invite code has in their profile.

How are the communities determined though? From what list? Member of? Subscriptions? Posting Access? Any ideas?
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Is it possible to invite users who are using their LiveJournal OpenID to a community? With one user i found their OpenID was too long for the field on the Community Members page. With another OpenID user whose name did fit, i got an error message telling me the user didn't exist.
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I've just created a community ([community profile] academy_of_words) and I checked off the setting to allow only members to post. But the question has been raised, does this mean that only members can comment on posts? I don't see anything on the Community Settings page or in any of the Community FAQs that refers to comments. Does anyone know? Thanks!
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Argh! I could have sworn this was an option but I can't find it. Tell me I'm not on crack?
Is there a way for an administrator of a community to have all comments posted in the comm mailed to them, without having to track comments on each individual post?
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How do I leave a community that's been deleted?
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I am new in DW and used LJ only once so I have no idea where to find things and how to do things here.

Following the recommendation of [personal profile] damned_colonial I got on the #dw IRC channel and asked about it. I got a link to this [community profile] getting_started community, to [community profile] dreamchasers, and to support.

So I am posting here wondering how do you start using DW? How do you find people to answer your questions if there is no community yet with your interests?
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I know I have 30 days to restore the community I created and then deleted, but how do I restore it? It no longer appears under my Account Settings, nor can I simply create it again because the name remains "in use" until the 30 days are up.
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 Hi, I have a community that I created and deleted on pretty much the same day - April 24th (I'd used the wrong name initially). I'd like to know if there's a way to get it off of my profile page.

I'm certain it should have been deleted by now, albeit maybe not purged entirely, and since I was the only administrator/member while it existed, I couldn't take myself out of it beforehand. I just find it a little irritating to have it still there in my profile. Any suggestions?
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I just realized that one of my communities is being indexed by google/robots -- which is not what I want. I clicked around but I don't see the option to limit/prevent this (on a community basis). My personal LJ is set to no-index.

Is this currently possible? Planned for the future? Tied to the privacy level of the poster?


ETA: Thanks! I expected it to be under "Manage Community" and it was elsewhere.
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Is crossposting from a DW community to a LJ community possible?

The communities have limited membership and all members would be members in both communities.
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Is there any way of mirroring [livejournal.com profile] _readingroom, my fic journal on LJ, to a comm here? The DW importer currently doesn't support the import of communities, and I do get that most comms have content by several people, but my fic is one of the main things I want to use DW for.

Does anyone know if there's a workaround for this, a script or something (preferably for Mac, not Windows - although if it's only for Windows I'm sure I could find a friend to help me out) that I could use? Or will the DW importer at some point support communities so I could just wait until that time (because I really don't want to lose all my lovely comments)?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Edit: I remembered ljmigrate, which works with comms as well. Haven't been able to test it with DW yet, but it worked with LJ and JournalFen. The one drawback is that it only archives comments, doesn't migrate them.


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