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 Hello all,

Three days ago, I had the misfortune of stumbling upon a community that makes some quite disturbing posts.  I would prefer not to go into details of exactly what was posted in this community, so I'll just say that it goes against DW's Terms of Service and I reported it for the posts.  Since then, I have been waiting for a speedy response from DW as I've always heard that DW has excellent, speedy customer service.

But apparently, when you report a problem, the report is posted on a public list for volunteers to try to figure out in exchange for points.  Understandably, no one has volunteered to help with this issue, so since the problem has yet to be addressed and the nature of these posts is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, I'd like to contact the DW staff directly.  But I can't seem to find a link by which to do this.  Would anyone have one?
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Hey everyone. I have a question about subscriptions and banning strikethrough journals. I found someone having the same problem and, essentially, I really like my username and have no plans of doing a re-name just to sync everything up.

Problem: when people delete their journals their username, with the strike, remains. I can remove access and subscription, but the name stays in my Circle list when I'm editing and rrrrr if you're super-organized and meticulous about things, this is extremely aggravating.

I've removed access, unsubscribed, and even tried banning these excess usernames, and yet they remain.

And it's driving me up the wall. :| As I'm sure you can tell.

Is there a fix for this? Please say yes. :( I've been bothered by this for months.
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Hey I have a little problem. I recently drifted apart with one friend of mine, so I unsubscribed & declined the person's access to my journal. After banning the person, I can still see the person's accounts listed on my profiles "Also Access From" & "Also Subscribed From" lists (the person friended me earlier by using Open ID (Livejournal) & Dreamwidth accounts).

Is it possible to remove the accounts from my profile completely? I really would not like to contact and ask the person to defriend me & unsubscribe me manually, because we did not separate in good terms.

Is there some other way to do it?

Thank you :)


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