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In the past, it worked beautifully, as you can see on my DW page for my public entries (it also worked wonderfully for the flocked ones. But the latest two flocked entries don't have the 'crossposts: LJ link' thing. Is there a bug or did I forget something? *is confused*

I'd appreciate someone more tech- and DW-savy educating me about any possible failure on my part! :-)

Also, I got this when I tried to tag this entry with 'crossposting': "Tags error: You are not allowed to tag entries in this journal." Uhm?
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I'm aware that I can cross-post entries between DW and other sites using the "post entry" page here. Is there an external client that can do this? Thanks.
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Is it possible to remove the crossposted text if you've decided you really don't want to crosspost every entry? I have several entries I'd like to delete from the LJ version of my journal but I don't see a way to remove the text that says the entry was crossposted - even when I uncheck the crosspost option and save again.
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Hello! I was just wondering if there is a way to post all my DW entries to LJ? I was trying LJArchive, but I couldn't seem to load my DW posts on it. Thank you! :)
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Hi. Quick Question,

I can see where I can edit the crossposting footer that appears on my livejournal entry, but where can I edit the crossposting footer that appears on my dreamwidth entry? At the moment is just says "Crossposts: [html link to lj entry]" and I'd like to change that to something prettier.

Thanks : )
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I've noticed the last few days my DW posts are not crossposting to my LJ. I get this error in my inbox: Crosspost to faedreamer@LiveJournal failed.

Failed to crosspost entry to faedreamer@LiveJournal: Failed to connect to

Does anyone know what this means and how to fix it? It worked beautifully up until about the beginning of this week. Thanks in advance!
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On my reading page I see only those who write here and crosspost to LJ. Why can't I see those who write in LJ and crosspost to DW?
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I've renamed my LJ account; crossposts now (predictably :-) ) don't work. As far as I can tell, the correct thing to do is manually replace my (single) cross-post account. The FAQ says: You may delete your target journal from the crossposter at any time and reconfigure the crossposter to crosspost to a different journal.

I don't see any way to do this under Account Settings --> Other Sites. Advice, please?

(Relatedly - I note that many people on my flist who are crossposting avoid having the "Crossposts to:" footer on their DW posts. Again, I can't see any way to remove this; is this because I'm a free user, or am I overlooking something important?)
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How do I disable the crosspost link on entries I crosspost? I'm only crossposting to LJ so my friends there can read what I post; I don't want people to follow the links to my LJ entries. I have comments disabled there so there's no point, anyway. Also, it clutters up the page.

I don't think it's always posted that link; it only started doing so in August. Then again, August was also when I started crossposting to an open journal instead of a friendslocked one, so that might be the reason why?
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Hi all,

I'm interested in disabling comments on select posts that I cross-post to another site. I know that on the Crossposting page, there is an option to disable comments on posts made to other sites (seems to be all by default), although there are the two separate footer options one can add to entries for use as a main custom footer or as a custom footer for use when comments are disabled....

So, uhm, is there a way, when cross-posting a certain entry, that I can set the comments to be disabled on the external site for that post only? I'm not wanting to disable all comments on those cross-posted entries (ideally, I'd love it if I could set the comments to be disabled by security level (i.e., all Access/Friends Only Entries have disabled comments which redirect to here).
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In light of the current LJ-fail, can anyone tell me if it's possible to crosspost so my Dreamwith posts are public and my Livejournal ones f-locked?

I'm wondering if I can do this in one-step, so to speak, rather than having to post access-locked and then unlock the post here.

ETA: Sorted. Thank you all for your replies.
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So, is it possible to crosspost at Blogger? I keep trying to set this up, but Dreamwidth keeps saying something like, "Sorry, there was an error." I just wanted to make sure the site was supported before I kept trying.
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Is there a way to post by email and have it crosspost?

ETA: Thanks everyone--I was hoping for a PBE option, since I don't have cross-posting as a default. Oh well!
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I checked under the tags for crossposting and notifications and didn't see anything about this.  Is there any way to opt-out of the notifications that my entries were crossposted to LJ? 

Edit to clarify:  sorry I meant, the email in my DW inbox that told me my entry was being crossposted.  is there any way to just, not get those emails? 
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I have been using the crossposting footer at other sites, which allows linkage to the DW entry. What I wanted to ask is if there is a similar feature which allows the DW post to show the number of comments at, say, LJ? Is there a way to do this in both directions?
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I have a friend on LJ considering a move/starting a journal @ DW. He asked the following:

"On LJ, I have organized my friends into 'friend groups', so that I can post some things that are visible only to my friends in Ohio, some only visible to my friends in Boston, and various other groups. Does DW support cross-posts that take advantage of LJ's 'friend groups'?"

Does DW currently have this capability? Is it in the works? Or should I open up a suggestion form on my friend's behalf?
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I've been seeing on my LJ friends list a footer note when they've crossposted from Dreamwidth and I'd love to be able to do that as well. But I can't find out how!

The kind of notes I see are:

[read 8 comments at Dreamwidth | comment at Dreamwidth | How to use openID]

(Cross-posted to Dreamwidth and LJ, but comments are welcome at either.)

Where in the original posts the underlined bits are actual links to specific entries. And they are in smaller font.

Is this something I can do at the same time as the original post in DW or do I have to edit the LJ entry later with the links? And is there a standard code or do I have to figure out the links each time and code them in individually?
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I realize that the last two posts on the filters tag are about this exact issue, but it's been several months and I would rather know for sure, so please forgive my redundancy.

Is there a way to crosspost DW/LJ to the same access/friends filter?
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When setting up the footer for crossposted entries there is the option to use %%comment_image%% which gives the comment number for the DW entry. Is there any way to make the background on the counter transparent/not white?
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how do I allow people from Lj to read my posts here? I think you can give them access but I dont know how. Help please?


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