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When the new update page goes live, is it going to have the ability to create draft posts and schedule them for posting (as Wordpress does)? I know it's been in beta for a while, and I thought I heard a rumor that it was going to, but that was a while ago and I can't remember how to turn the beta back on to check for myself :/
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Can anyone tell me whether DW either has a way to change the security of past entries en masse (eg changing all past entries from public to access only) OR to delete past entries en masse?
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I know this is kind of a random question, but does anyone know if text wrapping (around a picture) is possible when posting an entry?  I would like to be able to post a small image and have the corresponding paragraph of text be right next to it, instead of above or below the picture. 

Thanks for your help in advance.
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I've just noticed that the time on here isn't showing up correctly - here in the UK, the clocks went forward an hour on Sunday, but it's still showing up on my journal entries as if it hasn't.

Is there anything I can do/should have done to change it?
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So I was goofing around in layout and I made the sticky post thing for my fiction index (have had it on top using post-dating).

so now...I have it showing up on my journal twice. As a sticky, and then the post date entry. I checked the FAQ, but didn't see it covering this.

Basically...what do I do now?

Um...should I just change the date to let the original entry slide away?

Delete the post-date version (will that make them both disappear)?
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Most of the time when I hit 'post entry' or 'post to this community', I find that the 'box' under the one where I write out my entry is usually blank. I have to refresh at least a couple of times to be able to add tags, display a mood, etc.

It's just happened again when I tried to post to this comm, and it's a little annoying, to be honest.

Any help or ideas, please?
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I just figured out that my entries aren't showing up on my friends' Reading Page.  Is anyone else having the same problem?  Is this a known problem or should I submit a bug report on this? 


EDIT: Got a prompt response and fix from the support team. I'm pasting it below for future reference!

"It looks like you've accidentally checked off the box that marks entries as dated out of order ("backdating" on LiveJournal) that marks them to not be shown on reading/friends pages.  To fix this, when posting or editing an entry, click "edit date" and uncheck the "Don't show on Reading Pages (allows dating out of order)" box.

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Is it possible to edit older entries that were imported from LJ over to DW using the crosspost feature?

Because I just tried it three times... the first time, it did seem like something had changed... I was changing a public entry to a filtered one, and added a tag. The tag didn't appear, but the HTML had that "changed over from DW" look to it, and the entry became flocked, though not filtered.

But then I tried it twice more, once with a public entry, once with a flocked one, and nothing happend. So now I'm wondering if I was just imagining the first edit (or just confused one post for another in the midst of trying this) and it's not actually possible... or if it is possible, but buggy at the moment.

Has anyone else tried this? And if it's not something that's possible right now... could it be, in the future? Because it would be SO awesome to be able to re-tag in Dreamwidth and have it appear over at LJ, instead of having to re-tag two journals. :D

Raw code

Apr. 20th, 2009 12:14 pm
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Hi, I'm a bit confused about what code tags to use when I want to display raw html code. A few of the entries linked about the place tell me I should be using the <raw-code> tag but that doesn't appear to work. I tried <pre> and <lj-raw> but none of them seem to work.

I know I can hard code the tags using &lt; to get a < and &gt; to get a > but I'm lazy. lol

Is this something that just doesn't work on DW yet, or am I using the wrong tags?


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