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I'm trying to subscribe a community I maintain to a blogger feed. The feed has been created and is fine, ( and I could subscribe to it with my personal account, no problem. Where I'm running into trouble is adding the feed to the community so it shows up on those pages as well. I searched the FAQ, but didn't see anything about it in the RSS feeds section. When I tried to add the feed like an ordinary member, that didn't work either, and one time I got a message about how a syndicated feed could not be added like a regular member. Is there a way to make this work, and I'm just blind and missed it? 

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Someone on my reading list subscribes to a feed that dumps several pages worth of entries I don't care about on my network page every evening. I know about ?show=PC, but that strips out all the feeds and sometimes there's something new I want to see. Is there a way to cut one specific feed out of my network page? Or should I, hmm, subscribe to that feed and then filter it off my reading page? (Solution that just occurred to me.)

(I have checked the FAQs, but since I'm not sure what to call what I want to do, I hoped this might be a shortcut.)
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Is there a way I can read my LJ friends journal entries on my Reading page? Does it involve making a "feed" of their journals?

Feeds ....

Oct. 18th, 2010 03:09 pm
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I know that one can set up a feed, but is there a place where you can check to see if somebody has already done that, first?

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I want to make a feed to follow this blog: on Dreamwidth.

How do I make one?
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I've just switched from a separate aggregator application to following feeds on my DW reading page. Unfortunately, the entire post for each is displayed for every update, which makes it pretty cumbersome to wade through what I'd like to read. Is there any option to automatically put the contents of every feed post under a cut when displayed on my reading page?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you might offer.
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I've never created a feed, so please forgive cluelessness.

Can an RSS feed of an LJ comm somehow include the username of the person posting, or is it just the body of the post getting in?

I'm reading the [ profile] sga_noticeboard through [syndicated profile] sga_noticeboard_feed. If I want to know who announced a fic there, I have to click through to the LJ entry to see their name. Can this be fixed in a feed, or do I ask the mods over there if anything can be done?

RSS feeds

Jun. 17th, 2009 02:27 pm
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I've been using my LJ friends-page as my primary RSS reader. I've set up all my feeds on DW now, and they are all working, but they're really behind on gathering feeds compared to my LJ. This is totally not an important issue, but I am wondering if my DW reading circle will ever catch up to the content I've got on my LJ, or if DW will always be 12-24 hours behind. I want to completely migrate over to DW, but I'm always so tempted to see what has come in on my LJ friends-page. (I am weak.) One plus: one feed that has never worked right on LJ (doesn't collect content for about a month, then spews twenty entries onto my friends-page) works perfectly on DW. Yay, DW.
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Hi all,

I created a feed account here to test it out, and it seems to be linked to a subsidiary feed of the main blog. (The feed is [syndicated profile] flipfloppingjoy_feed for the blog flip flopping joy.) The blog has a 'community news' section where people can post links to news about issues of relevance to the blog (social and racial justice, mostly), which is what the feed account seems to be linking to.

I can't seem to find if the blog publishes a feed, but I'm sure it does because I read it through Bloglines!

Will this update on its own? If not, can it be changed with the correct feed?

I thought it may be because I entered the blog's URL ( rather than the feed URL ( into the 'Add Feed' field on the Feeds page. I checked out the relevant FAQ, which doesn't clarify which URL you need to enter.

I'm sorry if this is actually a Support request rather than a [community profile] getting_started post. If it is, I'll take it elsewhere.
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I've been enjoying Lexa Doig Twitter on my DW since I don't have twitter. I'm thinking of creating a few other RSS feed acct of other actors/actrees.  I read the FAQ about feed, but it seems one of my attemp failed as in there's no update coming into the feed :(
Can anybody help ? Thanks.
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This is probably not exactly what this community is meant for.

I would like to set up a syndicated feed of my DW account on LJ, but apparently creating feeds requires having a paid account these days. Unfortunately no one I know has one. If anyone here has a paid account on LJ, would they be willing to do this for me? As far as I know, it won't have any negative consequences; you can create as many feeds as you want. If all else fails, I'll pay the $5 for two months of paid time, but I'd rather not give them any more of my money.
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Is it possible to get a list of what feeds are already created? While DW is sorting out some of the kinks in getting them to not duplicate, it might be useful to see what's already in existence...
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after following echan's instructions on how to tell firefox to use dw as a feed handler, i proceeded to add my lj feeds to my reading list via the rss link from each feed's website. it was only after i clicked on the feed link at xkcd and was taken to a dw page that told me the address didn't have an account here yet that i started to wonder. (this was after i'd already created a second dinosaur comics feed which i'll have to delete once that function is available.)

something similar happened the other day when i tried to add the ill doctrine feed from the site (before i had set up firefox to attempt to subscribe automatically). i clicked the feed link at ill doctrine, pasted the feed address into the field at the syndication page and was told it didn't exist. however, when i tried to create the feed, i got an error message telling me that the username already existed. so i went looking for it and found the feed and discovered the address for that feed was, but the address that i had been sent to was

unfortunately the different address weirdness doesn't apply in the cases of xkcd and dinosaur comics, so i have no explanation. except gremlins, perhaps?

of course, now that i've subscribed to various feeds, when i click on them from the feed's website, i go straight to a dw page asking me if i want to modify my subscription. if i remove the subscription and try again, the feed is recognised.

i checked bugzilla and didn't find anything. i don't know if this is a bug or just me. :\ i r confused.


Apr. 25th, 2009 04:06 pm
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On LJ, I've always had a Basic account and therefore couldn't add feeds, so I'm not sure if this is an issue with DW (less likely but possible) or an issue with me not understanding what the heck I'm doing re: feeds (highly likely).

Basically, I'd love to read my friend's awesome blog, Monster On A Rope (highly recommended if you like reviews of cool music and weird movies, plus good writing in general) on my reading page.

So, I tried to add her as a feed.

First, I added this URL:

And named the feed "monsteronarope." Nothing appeared on my reading page when I selected "Feeds."

I tried it again with this URL:

And named it "monsteronarope2." Nothing.

Again, with just:

Named it "monsteronarope3," but when I clicked, it just led me back to modify my subscription to the original "monsteronarope_feed" that I'd made.

So, now I've created these three useless things and still can't see her blog. Because I'm an idiot. Help? (Does she have to syndicate herself somehow before I'm able to see her feed? I remember having to jump through some kind of hoop with Blogger to syndicate my blog. But when I type those feed URLs, I see the feed-y lookin' version of her blog. So... um... ?)
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I've seen the syndicate widget on other layouts but I'm not sure if it's possible to add it to the smooth sailing layout? Can anyone help me with this one?

I imported the Smooth Sailing layout from someone's guide years ago and I'm not sure where I got it.
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There appear to be two copies of the PhD comics feed: [syndicated profile] phd_comics_feed and [syndicated profile] phd_comics_feed. Can anyone spot why there isn't just one feed? Can they be merged?
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So I tried creating a couple of RSS feeds and I think I may have put in the wrong address for one of them. Do addresses have to start with "feed:"? And if I did put in the wrong address, what do I do about it?

The feed is here:

I think now that the address I should have used is: feed://

Thanks for the help.
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I like Dreamwidth, I like the concept, the ideas, and everything about it. However, a LARGE number of my friends use exclusively LJ. Is there a way to somehow condense that friends page into the DW reading page, so that I don't miss stuff?


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