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Would some kind soul point me to where one can set up custom friend groups (by whatever name they are here)? I *know* I was there once but can't find it again for the life of me. Thanks so much!
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On LJ I have many filters. 3 of these are literally named Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.

I can then go to a page on LJ that will let me read Primary+Secondary+Tertiary by generating a URL such as:

I have read that Subscription Filters are a recent addition (due to extensive security recoding). I assume that the reason I can't find a way to Add filters is because that functionality hasn't been implemented yet. Is that correct?
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I thought I read somewhere that it was possible for paid accounts to put in a subscription filter for tags but I can't find it anymore. Am I imagining this? If not, how do I do it?
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I realize that the last two posts on the filters tag are about this exact issue, but it's been several months and I would rather know for sure, so please forgive my redundancy.

Is there a way to crosspost DW/LJ to the same access/friends filter?
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I vaguely recall seeing somewhere that one could cross-post to LJ with custom filters if the filters have the same name, but when I tried to test this the LJ post came out private. Did I imagine seeing that this worked? Does it not work yet? Is it planned at all?

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If I create a post on DW on my "access" filter, but cross-post it to another site (LJ), then it will effectively show up as public on the other site (and not be filtered in any way), correct?*

My confusion stems from the fact that I have allowed some users with OpenID livejournal accounts access to my journal. My understanding of OpenID is that it is a tool for cross-manuevering between sites, and that the access I give to those users is limited to the DW site, and not LJ.

*I realize I can set my entry default on LJ to a minimum security level of "Friends" and effectively limit the post to my friends list, and somewhat curb this issue. I'm just curious as to how cross-posting something to my "access" list and another site works out.

Thanks. :}
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I really like (although I know some people find the adjustment difficult) the distinction between people you read, and people you want to have access, because that is how I have always thought of friending on lju anyway, and the unfortunate conjunction was just something I had to hack around.

BUT: some of my filters on lj were reading filters so that I could have separate pages, not because I distinguish between the people who I friend, and the people I actually read, just because sometimes I wanted to catch up on my friends, and sometimes I wanted to catch up on communities, and sometimes I wanted to catch up on syndicated feeds. Like, for example, you can go to http://brown-betty.livejournal.com/friends/communities and see just the communities I'm subscribed to. (I believe.)

Is that no longer possible on DW?
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I noticed in my 'manage filters' file that the fields containing friends and comms to shuffle around are empty. Will creating a 'default' filter populate them? Or is this area still under construction as the text seems to suggest?

Thanks! You all are doing a great job!


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