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 I don't know if this is because livejournal changed how their cut works but when I try to make a cut on dreamwidth that crossposts to livejournal, dream shows the full text on the journal entry instead of cutting off that extra text and hiding it.  Does anyone have this problem and if, so, how to fix it? 
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I think I remember reading something about special ways to cut text in an entry, but the faq about cuts doesn't mention it, so maybe I am imagining things or remembering someone saying "it would be nice to have these features, which don't exist"?

+ Nested cuts: is it possible to have a cut within a cut, so that when you open the first cut you don't open the second?

+ Cuts that stay cut even when the post is opened in a new window. Normally cuts are shut only in viewing a reading list, a whole journal, or a day view. Is it possible to make a cut that will stay put on an individually-viewed post, so that the viewer can choose to open it or leave it closed?

lj heads...

Aug. 2nd, 2011 10:58 am
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I've seen in other entries that uses can use the lj head and when they use it link back to the user or community's lj. How do you do this?
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The question was asked here:

And the final comment links to a page that is now dead on how to do it for LJ.

I'm looking for the HTML coding to put in (part of) a post that prevents DW from reading and applying the HTML codes so I can have a little box that people can copy to get a template that includes the raw HTML.

I've seen it around, so I know it's possible (often as a little scroll box). Like everyone else, I tried raw-code and got the lack of breaks. When I try code (which DW says is a valid HTML tag for the site) I get my text in tiny courier print.

Is there such a code in DW or can someone link me to a current tutorial on how to make what I'm looking for?
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Embedding videos from YT:

When I imported my entries over from LJ, embedded videos from YT failed to materialise. I knew this was a known issue at the time. I planned to follow the FAQ advice (at a later date) and re-paste in embed code from YT into the relevant entries.

I tried that tonight and the code still doesn't register or show to a/any video. I just get a broken icon and a white dotted line around the space where the vid should be. This also happens if I try to embed a video into a new post.

Anyone know why this is?
And if there is a work around?

I have made some custom CSS tweaks on my dreamwidth popped back here just in case: )

But I very much doubt that these are what's interfering. They seem really basic - which of course is why I managed to plonk them in the CSS box successfully to begin with! *grin*

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Problem which was identified as user error *g* solved thanks to the gracious and helpful people on the thread.

Thank you.
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When I save entries in ?format=light and actually ?style=mine I get these weird characters in the body of the text. here's an example


I'm not sure why this is happening. I'm saving the files as plain html.

EDIT: I'm realizing based on some of the responses that I didn't explain fully enough. In web browsers the text looks fine. It's only when I open the file in Word or Wordpad (to look at the code) that the weird characters show up. Normally, Microsoft Word is rather good about opening HTML files.
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Okay, so I'm using the crosspost feature here to post to my LJ simultaneously when I make a DW post in my DW journal. All copacetic.

And I know how to code the names of DW users on DW, so that that shows up as a link to their profile page, and furthermore, now I know how to code so as to make the LJ account user names show up as links in the traditional LJ manner on both the DW side and the LJ side.

My question is:


How do I code the DW user names so that ON THE LIVEJOURNAL SIDE (through the crossposter), they will show up with the cute new little gray DW user symbol and become a live link there?

Maybe those instructions exist, but I have not found them. Thank you in advance for your help.
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This is my first time posting here, so hopefully this is a relevant question.

I'm trying to credit the person who made the icons I have here at DW. One of them has a DW, so not an issue. The other person does not have a DW. I tried to do an <*a href...*> link in the comment box directly her LJ, but apparently you can't use that HTML code in the comment box. So I tried lj user, but that links to the DW of the person, NOT the LJ. And since they don't have a DW, it just comes up that the person doesn't have a registered DW account.

So the question is, how can I have it link to her actual LJ journal in the comment box for icons? I can just put the straight URL without linking (and that's what I've done for now), of course, but I'd like to be able to directly link to her.

Thanks in advance!
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This is sort of a follow up to the post a while back by [personal profile] alittlebirdy

I wanted to ravamp my profile bio before importing entries, comments etc. into my DW account. However, I've found that table formatting via html (such as colors for backgrounds/borders) and even certain things like font-size gets ignored in div tags et all.

Is there anywhere we can find what markup would be accepted instead of having to test each line of HTML code? I've noticed that while other bugs with the bio seem to be assigned, this one doesn't seem to be listed and there doesn't look to be anyone working on it (unless I've missed it ^^)

I'd actually been hoping to have a bit of css as an option for bios but I'll take just getting the old markup to work instead XD
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In a cross-posted entry (to livejournal), the lj user I specified didn't get a proper link, just their name showing up in plain text, though the link worked in my dwj. Is that normal/something that's being dealt with?
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I've been testing the crossposting feature between DW and LJ, and it seems that DW/LJ-specific markup such as the lj-user tag is not transferring successfully. When it gets to LJ, the markup is stripped out. Am I doing something wrong, or is this feature just not working yet? Thanks.
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Just wanted to ask what the Dreamwidth site markup code is for communities, as I can't find an answer on the relevant FAQ page & my attempts to use:

[comm name=" "]
[comm=" "]

failed. Anyone know the correct markup?

And yes I have used [ ] in lieu of <> just for this post.
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Hi, quick question...

I'm trying to spiffy up my userinfo page, but for some reason it is ignoring the HTML code, or at least, not displaying it correctly. I thought I might be stuffing it up so I tried using a profile code I found over on LJ that I knew worked there as a test - it wasnt anything fancy, it was just regular old HTML with some inline CSS - table, td, tr, bgcolor, font style="letter-spacing: 2px", etc. There were no special css classes being used. When I paste the code into my LJ profile it works fine. But when I paste it into DW it does not. The table seems to show up (somewhat) but I think its the padding and bgcolor etc that don't seem to work.

So, long story short, before I spend several hours pulling my hair out trying to get it to work, I'm just wondering if there are any restrictions at the present time on what code can be used on the userinfo page?

Raw code

Apr. 20th, 2009 12:14 pm
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Hi, I'm a bit confused about what code tags to use when I want to display raw html code. A few of the entries linked about the place tell me I should be using the <raw-code> tag but that doesn't appear to work. I tried <pre> and <lj-raw> but none of them seem to work.

I know I can hard code the tags using &lt; to get a < and &gt; to get a > but I'm lazy. lol

Is this something that just doesn't work on DW yet, or am I using the wrong tags?


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