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Hey! I just managed to install for myself a mood theme. However now I would like to set the mood theme pic left, like I have on my LJ account:

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I managed to install Flexible Squares layout from LJ in here Dreamwidth. I would love to get also the working mood theme layer code for Flexible Squares layout as well.

When I tried to add the same layer which I have on my LJ account ( to the same section where I have flexible squares layer, it doesn't work :(

Has anyone managed to make the code work over at Dreamwdith?

This is how my metadata section looks now:
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A few days ago I created a custom mood theme, but it took me a little while to figure out how to create a custom theme without having to copy & past hundreds of links... I'm probably not the only one experiencing this problem, so I thought I could share my newly acquired skills with other Dreamwidth:ers ^^

Read more here.
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[personal profile] boji's recent post reminded me of something I'd been wondering for a while: if I wanted to copy the images that make up the mood theme I use on LJ and use them to create the same mood theme on Dreamwidth, are there any rights issues there, or are LJ mood themes considered public property once created? I am not the person who created the theme on LJ.
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I downloaded a mood theme (created my an LJ user) and wanted to import it here. After uploading the 133 png's to photobucket, I followed the instructions at Admin console, pasted in the relevant codes (i.e. the four digit number and url where the picture is pasted) and got nothing but error images from photobucket.

When I looked at the mood theme codes - through the link via customize style - I saw that DW had added pre-named moods to the end of each png url so rather than read [first part of url here then/accomplised.png] for instance, it reads:

[first part of url here then/accomplised.pngangry.png]

The latter definition having been added by dreamwidth.

Does anyone know of a work around?
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Hello!  I couldn't find anything about this in the wiki or this comm, so I was wondering if anyone's had any success with custom mood themes, or is this a known bug?  I tried to create one, and it exists as a theme I can select, but I can't set the moods to go to any images (hosted offsite); after I hit "save changes" it... doesn't, basically.  Any ideas, or should I report a bug?


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