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I've set up[ a comm. I've set myself up as mod/administrator. I've set up my email to receive notifications. I've set up a co-mod with administrator privileges. So far, so good.

How do I set up email notifications for both me and my co-mod? Can I do that, or does my co-mod need to do it?

I've seen instructions in the FAQ for how to set up as a solo mod, pass all the modly duties on when you want to give up modding, but not how to share modding duties. Please help!
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...when someone puts up a new post. I get the comment notifications and all, but not those. I've checked my settings as best I know how.
Maybe there is some special little setting tweak that I'm unaware of?
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I checked under the tags for crossposting and notifications and didn't see anything about this.  Is there any way to opt-out of the notifications that my entries were crossposted to LJ? 

Edit to clarify:  sorry I meant, the email in my DW inbox that told me my entry was being crossposted.  is there any way to just, not get those emails? 
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Is there a way to opt out of the birthday notifications? I don't mean not having them sent to me, but keeping DW from notifying people about my birthday.
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Argh! I could have sworn this was an option but I can't find it. Tell me I'm not on crack?
Is there a way for an administrator of a community to have all comments posted in the comm mailed to them, without having to track comments on each individual post?
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This might not be the right place to ask, but I've no idea where the right place is :(

Last night, comments started appearing in my inbox in addition to being emailed to me. I searched through the FAQs and it said something about how this being a side effect of how the notification system works. It seems to be the same thing that's started happening at livejournal, only when there it's stopped sending me any and all notifications of replies to posts that I've made in communities.

So my questions are:

a) If this is how the system works, why has this only just started happening?
b) If this is a recent change, will it have the same effect on community comments as it has on livejournal?
c) If it does have that effect, how can I fix it? I don't care whether I get notifications through emails or the inbox, but I do really need some form of notification because of my memory problems.
d) Does any of this make any sense, or am I the only person who's worried about any of this?

Thanks for any help you can give me. If I don't reply to anyone here within the next 24 hours, assume that the community comments thing is a problem XD
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I didn't want my DW inbox to keep filling up with comment notifications, so I reset my notifications preference. I still wanted comment notifications in my email, and the "notifications" preferences thingy only mentioned DW inbox, so I thought I'd still get them. But then I realized that I had missed at least one comment, which didn't show up in my email, so I changed back.

Is there a way to get comment notifications in email but not in DW inbox? Because I would rather save that for circle updates and personal messages and so on- I think of comments as part of my general correspondence, not DW business.

Thanks everyone and good luck this week!

(I meant to post this here and posted to dream_chasers by mistake - sorry!)

ETA: For those driving by, the answer to the question is "No, it's not possible due to site architecture." In other words, to get comment notifications, leave the preference turned on in Manage Account. There is a built-in filter in the Inbox to let you separate comment notifications from circle updates and messages. Thanks to DW folks, again.
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I know a lot of people get their dreamwidth comments sent to gmail and a lot of us are unhappy that the threading is not the relatively simple issue it is on LJ.

The only workaround for the issue at the moment is to add subject lines to your comments. That doesn't make the threading work completely right, but at least it means you won't have 40 message 'conversations' from 10 or 12 different DW entries.

If you can't think of a subject line, why not just repeat the subject line of the entry you're reading? If the entry you're reading also does not have a subject line, just repeat the first line of your comment.

I've been trying it for the past couple of days, and it is better. (Not perfect, because I haven't gotten in the habit 100% yet.) But it's better.


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