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Hey Y'all,

I was just now trying to put a GoodReads widget on my profile, and it looks like something isn't working. There is whitespace where the widget should be, and the GoodReads logo, but none of the content is showing up. I check the code and everything looks good, though I did note that the widget uses iframe. I tried to search the web, yet I couldn't find anything that stated whether Dreamwidth supported iframe. Does anyone know?

Also, I was thinking about using Dreamwidth's open id capability to sign on to Livejournal, since some of the communities are more active there. Does anyone do this? What are your experiences with it if so?

Thank you for your time and attention.
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I have a bit of a conundrum.

I periodically import my LJ entries and comments to my DW journal.

However, someone on my LJ friendslist just told me they'd be much happier if their comments to my LJ didn't appear on DW.

As far as I know there's no way to prevent a specific user's comments from importing, so I thought I'd try to get the same result by banning the LJ user's OpenID from commenting on my DW.

Sadly, that doesn't seem to work.

Does anyone know why? When the banned LJ user's OpenID tries to comment on my journal here the banning feature works perfectly...Was I wrong to think the importer would respect my banning preferences or what?

Does anyone know of any other tricks to get what I was trying to do? Thanks.
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I just added a friend on LiveJournal -- and I wanted to add them here, because the whole thing is crossposted and all that.

So, I added him and got an error message saying he doesn't exist.

Can I not add somebody like that? (using the Livejournal ID [user.livejournal.com]) or am I doing it wrong?
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Is it possible to invite users who are using their LiveJournal OpenID to a community? With one user i found their OpenID was too long for the field on the Community Members page. With another OpenID user whose name did fit, i got an error message telling me the user didn't exist.
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I've been looking some pages back and couldn't find anything resembling my question, so sorry if it's been asked before...

I'm moving here permanently from LJ and think about importing my entries. now my question is, if I import entries with comments, do the commenters (from LJ) get somehow notified about me having an account here on DW? Like OpenID or something? I'm not very good with such things... ^^ help is greatly appreciated. tia. :)
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how do I allow people from Lj to read my posts here? I think you can give them access but I dont know how. Help please?
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So you've got a brand new Dreamwidth account. Congratulations! :) What do you do with your old OpenID account?

As has already been mentioned, don't delete it. It can cause problems with any comments you've posted (either using that OpenID or comments brought in by the importer).

But then you've got two accounts. And while there's a plan to someday allow you to claim that account with your primary DW account, there's no telling when that will actually be possible.

The best thing to do (if you don't mind linking your offsite account with your DW - some people would rather have a fresh start) is simply to put your DW name in your OpenID profile. (You'll need to log out of DW and then log back in with your OpenID, of course.) OpenID accounts can't have HTML in the profile, but you can post the URL as an inactive link. You can also list your DW URL as your website (the one active link you are allowed).

It's a simple thing, but it can help avoid some confusion, and make sure that your friends can find you when they come over.

Finally, in case you haven't already found it, there's [community profile] dreamchasers, a community set up to help people from LJ and other services find friends (old and new) on Dreamwidth.
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OpenID accounts like davidlevine.livejournal.com offer Dreamwidth users the option to subscribe (by hovering over the OpenID icon or going to the account's profile page). However, subscribing doesn't seem to have any effect.

Similarly, an OpenID account can grant access to a Dreamwidth account. But since an OpenID account can't have a journal, I don't think this has any effect either.

Is this a not-yet-implemented feature? I can imagine that it would be very useful if a Dreamwidth user could subscribe to a LiveJournal user's OpenID account to include the RSS feed of that LJ user in their reading list, but this doesn't seem to be how it's working currently.

(By the way, how do I code a reference to an OpenID account so it's clickable and gets the OpenID icon? <user name="davidlevine.livejournal.com"> doesn't work.)
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Again, hopefully, I didn't miss something I should have read somewhere else, but when I tried giving access to, and subscribing to my friends in livejournal (I manually entered each of their OpenID URLS on the Manage Circle page), it did not add all of them. I noticed that all the ones with an underscore in their name would not add to the circle, but there were others as well, and I'm not sure what those journals might have in common.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Also, I know the friend importer is still being worked on, but when that's available, will I be able to re-import my friends list, and would that have any effect on those who I've added manually? Sorry, lots of questions, and I'm not certain that last bit made sense. It's 4:30 in the morning here.
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If I create a post on DW on my "access" filter, but cross-post it to another site (LJ), then it will effectively show up as public on the other site (and not be filtered in any way), correct?*

My confusion stems from the fact that I have allowed some users with OpenID livejournal accounts access to my journal. My understanding of OpenID is that it is a tool for cross-manuevering between sites, and that the access I give to those users is limited to the DW site, and not LJ.

*I realize I can set my entry default on LJ to a minimum security level of "Friends" and effectively limit the post to my friends list, and somewhat curb this issue. I'm just curious as to how cross-posting something to my "access" list and another site works out.

Thanks. :}
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The ease of cross-site OpenID and importing journals from other sites is one of the coolest things about Dreamwidth, but not all the other sites are as seamless as DW, alas.

For example, Journalfen is one of the LJ clone site from which you can import to DW, but it does not have a functioning OpenID server. So it is difficult to actually use the openID JF accounts that the Dreamwidth importer creates. However you can still use a JF OpenID by using OpenID delegation. That is, link your JF page to an account that does have an OpenID server, and Dreamwidth will use that server to give you a JF OpenID. I've written a tutorial, intended for people who know nothing about what they're doing, that will walk you through setting up openID delegation for a Journalfen account. If you're interested in setting up an OpenID account for another personal blog or website, the notes at the beginning should also help you out.

In terms of DW, you will be able to use a delegated openID like any other openID account, and to claim and put an icon on imported comments originally made on that account, and eventually associate that account with your personal account. It will not affect your ability to use the OpenID account you delegated to (so, I delegated my JF openID to my LJ, but my LJ openID account still functions completely separately and it counts as another openID account for invite code lottery purposes)

The basics of OpenID delegation, and picking a server to delegate to. )

How To Delegate an OpenID on Journalfen
The Easy Way: Using an S1 style. )
The Hard Way: Using an S2 style )

And you should now be set! Thanks to [personal profile] zvi and [personal profile] stellar_dust for helping out with this. (And [personal profile] afuna, an ancient S2 tutorial of whose let me finally figure out how I had to do this in S2.) If you have any questions about delegating, or you have problems working through this tutorial, leave a comment & someone will try to answer.


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