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 When I make a comment on someone else's blog, I select a suitable icon. But when I post the comment my default icon is displayed instead of the icon that I chose. I tried to edit the comment to change my icon, and the default icon was nevertheless displayed.

Is there something I need to do in order to be able to select an icon when commenting, or has something gone fubar?

Edit: And it did it for posting to this community, too. 
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Had an issue with my new default icon. It didn't show up when I logged into my journal. All of my other icons are intact.
I deleted the icon and uploaded it again.
Is this just a temporary glitch?
The size of the icon is correct and it's under 40kb.
Anyone else having this issue?
I do keep my icons saved on CD/USB stick and on my computer in a separate folder, should I need to upload them again.
Not a newbie with icons, had been a long time user at LJ, don't like it there(at LJ) anymore and I sometimes like to change my icons from time to time.
None of my icons at my DW journal here were imported.
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Does anyone know what happens to my icons after my account reverts to free - which 15 icons are left (15 newest, oldest, random?), and will I need to reupload the >15 if I purchase paid time in the future, or will they magically reappear :o) ?

Thanks in advance!
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I have more than 100 userpics -- so I got the Big Account for 6 months to decide what I want to do.

Just had a wild thought. I know that I can look at all tags and/or see how many times each tag has been used. Is there a way to do that with icons?

ETA: Idea has indeed been submitted as a suggestion to TPTB.
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Thanks again for the help the other day. =)

I realise that this isn't entirely Dreamwidth-specific, but I'm looking to make myself some userpics, something I've never even tried before.

Can anybody here point me towards some good icon making tutorials?

I'm using GIMP, but I have no clue how much that'll affect it.

Sorry if this isn't quite the right community.
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Where can I find all these nifty DW icons I see floating about? I know I had a link before to a page with a bunch of them, but I misplaced it somehow or other. And there are some pretty nifty icons.
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Not sure if this is the place for this, but:

When I got an invite code, I played around with the paid features but then let it lapse once Open Beta started. (I would like to buy a paid account at some point in the future, though!)

When my account lapsed into a Basic Account, my five recently uploaded icons + my default became my six active icons, and the rest became inactive. Is there a way to... pick different icons to get locked into, or do I just have to keep deleting until the icons I'm into hit the bottom rung? (Icons are great for expressing how you feel when you're commenting, and right now all I can express are anger, anger, WTF, and sorrow. *g* At least, visually. :))
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Does anyone know why the coding for user icons (in their comment space where one usually credits) don't show up properly when you click view thumbnails, unless the user listed is coded according to dreamwidth options?

i.e. by [user name="boji"] shows up but [site name="" user name="boji"] doesn't.
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Appologies in advance for the noob-ish questions! I've gone and imported both my journals on LJ, and all my friends have access to this account. I've combed the FAQ a few times now, but I still can't find it - what do I have to do now to view my friends posts here on my reading list? (A fairly simple how-to-for-the-noob would be really nice!) Or has this not been implemented yet?

Also, when I imported my journal entries, every single entry was given my default icon/user pic, regardless of what icon I used for that post on LJ, even when I imported all my icons. Is this something I just have to put up with?

(ETA: Actually, logging out and in again seems to have restored my original icon settings. Yay!)

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Okay, isn't your default icon supposed to show on your profile page? Because mine has been showing my *previous* default icon (or the first icon I ever uploaded) for hours and hours now. :|

Ignore me, it's a known problem and I'm silly. :D
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Do you know how I can change the user-pic showing on my profile? In the profile says that the picture showed will be the default user-pic, however my profile shows a different one and I don't know how to change it. Everywhere else (navigation strip or profile module on the right side of my layout) my user-pic is the default one, except in the profile itself.

Any suggestions about how to fix this? Thank you!
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There's been some discussion of how to set up mood themes here already, but I wrote up my notes on How To Make Your Custom Mood Theme in a comment on someone's journal, and I thought they might be worth sharing here as well:

Basically, you need to:

a) upload your images somewhere

b) copy the text block from here (all the lines of "moodtheme_setpic 1234 90 100 60" etc) into a simple text editor such as Notepad

c) go to the console (the reference is here, if you wanted to look at it).

d) create your moodtheme with "moodtheme_create " - eg "moodtheme_create "SGA moodtheme" "SGA doodle moodtheme"" or whatever

e) find-and-replace:
  • with whatever the actual path to your image files is

  • .jpg if your files are .png or .gif, etc

  • 100 60 if your images are a size other than 100px by 60px

  • 1234 with your actual theme number, as created in step c)

f) go back to the console and paste in the edited block of text

ta-da, instant moodtheme!
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I noticed the Icon creation tool--the page that comes up when you try to import a picture larger than 100x100 pixels--wasn't working.  I ran into a note in a news post that it is a know issue, and it's being worked on.

In the interim, a tip for making Icons if you don't want to resize the image in another program:

If you have icon space on Livejournal or another similar service that makes 100x100 icons, or if you can temporarily delete one you alread have to make space, you can make the icon there and then copy the resulting URL of the new icon into Dreamwidth's Icon importer page in the From URL box.    I've tried this and it works fine. 

In Firefox you right-click on an image and select properties to view the URL, I think IE is the same.


May. 1st, 2009 10:32 am
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So when I first created my Dreamwidth account, I uploaded 6 icons, which I was planning to use here. Then, when I imported my lj to my Dreamwidth account, it brought my other 9 icons over too. I knew that 9 of my icons were going to be put down as Inactive, but had no clue which ones; I assumed it would be the ones that were imported.

Turns out, only one of my icons, my default, is one I'd put up here to use on a regular basis; the other 5 are very old. Is there a way to change my Inactive ones? I know the ability to do it multiple times would just give us a regular way to cheat the 6 icon rule, I'm not saying I want that. What I mean is a one-time thing to "fix" which icons we now have access to without deleting them completely. Because I'd prefer my old icons to actually show up on my old (ancient) posts and not change over to my default.
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I have a question about what might happen when importing userpics from two different sites, and hope someone has tried this already.

Let us say that I have the same pics on both sites, with the same keywords. Let us say I've imported one set already.

If I import the second set, I suspect what will happen is that the first set will get bumped into that "keyword is now a number" state and the second set will take over. Does anyone know if this is, in fact, the case?


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