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So, I've found a bunch of communities that offer layouts for DW journals, but I didn't manage to find one that offer layouts for the profile bio page.

Do you know of any community/user that propose layouts for the mini bio on the profile page?

I'm not sure that profile code found on LJ will work here, does anyone know about that? (because the one I had on LJ didn't like the transition to DW ^^;;)
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Hey everyone. I have a question about subscriptions and banning strikethrough journals. I found someone having the same problem and, essentially, I really like my username and have no plans of doing a re-name just to sync everything up.

Problem: when people delete their journals their username, with the strike, remains. I can remove access and subscription, but the name stays in my Circle list when I'm editing and rrrrr if you're super-organized and meticulous about things, this is extremely aggravating.

I've removed access, unsubscribed, and even tried banning these excess usernames, and yet they remain.

And it's driving me up the wall. :| As I'm sure you can tell.

Is there a fix for this? Please say yes. :( I've been bothered by this for months.
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Hey I have a little problem. I recently drifted apart with one friend of mine, so I unsubscribed & declined the person's access to my journal. After banning the person, I can still see the person's accounts listed on my profiles "Also Access From" & "Also Subscribed From" lists (the person friended me earlier by using Open ID (Livejournal) & Dreamwidth accounts).

Is it possible to remove the accounts from my profile completely? I really would not like to contact and ask the person to defriend me & unsubscribe me manually, because we did not separate in good terms.

Is there some other way to do it?

Thank you :)
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Does anyone have a list of tags/HTML/CSS that actually work on DW profiles? (Or conversely, a list of specifically which ones don't work.) I'd like to redo my profile layout, but I don't want to waste time editing and tweaking a bunch of code only for it to still not look right...
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What's the status of getting HTML to work on profile pages?

Right now there are a lot of tags that display when a profile is viewed through Lynx or Celerity, but not Tropospherical. Mine, for instance, has some font sizing tags (both "font size" and "span style") which have no effect in the default view.

Apparently this was "being sorted out" six or seven months ago, and I made a post on [site community profile] dw_suggestions a while back (can't find it at the moment, I'm afraid) that got encouraging responses, but there's been no change since.

So can anybody tell me what's up?
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 Hi, I have a community that I created and deleted on pretty much the same day - April 24th (I'd used the wrong name initially). I'd like to know if there's a way to get it off of my profile page.

I'm certain it should have been deleted by now, albeit maybe not purged entirely, and since I was the only administrator/member while it existed, I couldn't take myself out of it beforehand. I just find it a little irritating to have it still there in my profile. Any suggestions?
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Okay, isn't your default icon supposed to show on your profile page? Because mine has been showing my *previous* default icon (or the first icon I ever uploaded) for hours and hours now. :|

Ignore me, it's a known problem and I'm silly. :D
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This is sort of a follow up to the post a while back by [personal profile] alittlebirdy

I wanted to ravamp my profile bio before importing entries, comments etc. into my DW account. However, I've found that table formatting via html (such as colors for backgrounds/borders) and even certain things like font-size gets ignored in div tags et all.

Is there anywhere we can find what markup would be accepted instead of having to test each line of HTML code? I've noticed that while other bugs with the bio seem to be assigned, this one doesn't seem to be listed and there doesn't look to be anyone working on it (unless I've missed it ^^)

I'd actually been hoping to have a bit of css as an option for bios but I'll take just getting the old markup to work instead XD
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Hi, quick question...

I'm trying to spiffy up my userinfo page, but for some reason it is ignoring the HTML code, or at least, not displaying it correctly. I thought I might be stuffing it up so I tried using a profile code I found over on LJ that I knew worked there as a test - it wasnt anything fancy, it was just regular old HTML with some inline CSS - table, td, tr, bgcolor, font style="letter-spacing: 2px", etc. There were no special css classes being used. When I paste the code into my LJ profile it works fine. But when I paste it into DW it does not. The table seems to show up (somewhat) but I think its the padding and bgcolor etc that don't seem to work.

So, long story short, before I spend several hours pulling my hair out trying to get it to work, I'm just wondering if there are any restrictions at the present time on what code can be used on the userinfo page?


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