May. 5th, 2009

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I have a question about importing. I want to import my LJ account, but I don't want to import the tags or the access lists/filters applied to the posts. If I import comments, it states that it will import all journal entries. Are the entries imported as public or private? I don't mind if everything imported is set to private initially. I can manually turn on which items I want to be public. I do, however, want to make sure that not everything shows up as public.

Does this make sense at all?
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Okay, so I'm using the crosspost feature here to post to my LJ simultaneously when I make a DW post in my DW journal. All copacetic.

And I know how to code the names of DW users on DW, so that that shows up as a link to their profile page, and furthermore, now I know how to code so as to make the LJ account user names show up as links in the traditional LJ manner on both the DW side and the LJ side.

My question is:


How do I code the DW user names so that ON THE LIVEJOURNAL SIDE (through the crossposter), they will show up with the cute new little gray DW user symbol and become a live link there?

Maybe those instructions exist, but I have not found them. Thank you in advance for your help.
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Does anyone know why the coding for user icons (in their comment space where one usually credits) don't show up properly when you click view thumbnails, unless the user listed is coded according to dreamwidth options?

i.e. by [user name="boji"] shows up but [site name="" user name="boji"] doesn't.
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Appologies in advance for the noob-ish questions! I've gone and imported both my journals on LJ, and all my friends have access to this account. I've combed the FAQ a few times now, but I still can't find it - what do I have to do now to view my friends posts here on my reading list? (A fairly simple how-to-for-the-noob would be really nice!) Or has this not been implemented yet?

Also, when I imported my journal entries, every single entry was given my default icon/user pic, regardless of what icon I used for that post on LJ, even when I imported all my icons. Is this something I just have to put up with?

(ETA: Actually, logging out and in again seems to have restored my original icon settings. Yay!)



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