gossymer: (* FUCK)
gossymer ([personal profile] gossymer) wrote in [community profile] getting_started2009-05-01 10:21 pm

Markup for formatting bio content on profiles

This is sort of a follow up to the post a while back by [personal profile] alittlebirdy

I wanted to ravamp my profile bio before importing entries, comments etc. into my DW account. However, I've found that table formatting via html (such as colors for backgrounds/borders) and even certain things like font-size gets ignored in div tags et all.

Is there anywhere we can find what markup would be accepted instead of having to test each line of HTML code? I've noticed that while other bugs with the bio seem to be assigned, this one doesn't seem to be listed and there doesn't look to be anyone working on it (unless I've missed it ^^)

I'd actually been hoping to have a bit of css as an option for bios but I'll take just getting the old markup to work instead XD

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