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dorothea ([personal profile] dorothean) wrote in [community profile] getting_started2012-03-15 10:15 am
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Tricks with cuts?

I think I remember reading something about special ways to cut text in an entry, but the faq about cuts doesn't mention it, so maybe I am imagining things or remembering someone saying "it would be nice to have these features, which don't exist"?

+ Nested cuts: is it possible to have a cut within a cut, so that when you open the first cut you don't open the second?

+ Cuts that stay cut even when the post is opened in a new window. Normally cuts are shut only in viewing a reading list, a whole journal, or a day view. Is it possible to make a cut that will stay put on an individually-viewed post, so that the viewer can choose to open it or leave it closed?

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