zelda_queen: (Doubtful Guest spork)
zelda_queen ([personal profile] zelda_queen) wrote in [community profile] getting_started2017-07-01 11:52 pm

Open ID Account and LiveJournal Account

Hi! I had a question about the connection between the Open ID account used to edit community posts imported from LiveJournal and the LiveJournal account itself. Specifically, I was wondering if it's possible to continue to use that Open ID account to edit imported posts and delete the LiveJournal account the posts were imported from.

I'm a member of a community that's been imported here from LiveJournal and have periodically used my Open ID account to edit links in the old posts I made. I'm currently on the fence in regards to deleting my LiveJournal account, but I don't want to do it if it means I won't be able to edit those posts.

Than you very much!

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