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I've successfully imported my entries from LJ, but haven't tried to import anything from insane journal yet aside from icons. There are very few entries there which are anything other than a mirror of what was on LJ but the ones that differ have comments. The rest don't.

If I clicked the import comments: implies entries would I get the duplicate entries I don't want, or only the select few that have comments on them?


In regards to tags, over on LJ they seem to fill themselves in semi-automatically after the first few letters typed into the tag bar. That function doesn't seem to be working over here as yet - not on my tag entry page at least.

Is this a glitch?
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Is it possible to edit older entries that were imported from LJ over to DW using the crosspost feature?

Because I just tried it three times... the first time, it did seem like something had changed... I was changing a public entry to a filtered one, and added a tag. The tag didn't appear, but the HTML had that "changed over from DW" look to it, and the entry became flocked, though not filtered.

But then I tried it twice more, once with a public entry, once with a flocked one, and nothing happend. So now I'm wondering if I was just imagining the first edit (or just confused one post for another in the midst of trying this) and it's not actually possible... or if it is possible, but buggy at the moment.

Has anyone else tried this? And if it's not something that's possible right now... could it be, in the future? Because it would be SO awesome to be able to re-tag in Dreamwidth and have it appear over at LJ, instead of having to re-tag two journals. :D
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I have a question about what might happen when importing userpics from two different sites, and hope someone has tried this already.

Let us say that I have the same pics on both sites, with the same keywords. Let us say I've imported one set already.

If I import the second set, I suspect what will happen is that the first set will get bumped into that "keyword is now a number" state and the second set will take over. Does anyone know if this is, in fact, the case?
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I think I followed all the instructions correctly, as my tags, etc. were imported according to the message in my DW inbox. However, when I look at the Import Status in the Import Helper, I get this:

lj_comments init as of Never created 1 second ago priority 1239750585
lj_entries init as of Never created 1 second ago priority 1239750585

Does that mean it's working? Forgive me if this is a stupid question, it just wasn't obvious to me and I"m not sure if there's something I missed.
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I imported all my old LJ entries, and now I think I made the wrong decision. Is there any way to delete more than one entry at a time, or am I stuck deleting each one individually? I have several years of regular posting, so that would be a pain.
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How long does a journal import generally take? My LJ import's been running for roughly two hours at this point, and I'm not sure how to judge whether it's working as expected (intended is another story altogether).

For reference, my LJ's had fairly regular posts for roughly five years, so there is a lot to move. Just looking for a reassurance (or confirmation of broken-ness, either way.)

EDIT: Eight hours later, entry import is complete. It's still chugging on comments. :)
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I just imported my lj to see how it would work (as described on the faq), and of course since it was from a basic account all my icons are wrong. Also I'm probably not going to bother double posting, but would like the option to use this account (or possibly a new one I set up specifically as a backup) to mirror my lj periodically.

So, is it possible to redo an import? If so will it fix all the broken icons?

The icons thing doesn't bother me that much, people can always look up the original lj article if it's very confusing, but if you can't (and won't be able to) repeatedly update an import that will change the way I decide to divide myself between the two journalling services.

Also, if I get a paid account, do all my icons right, import my lj, and then switch to an unpaid account, will all the extra icons vanish?

(I hope this is clear, I am feeling pretty crappy today)


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