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Hi all :D

I'd like to privatize all my old entries, but I don't see a mass edit option under the edit entries page. Is this a paid feature like it is on LJ? How would I access it?

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So I was goofing around in layout and I made the sticky post thing for my fiction index (have had it on top using post-dating).

so now...I have it showing up on my journal twice. As a sticky, and then the post date entry. I checked the FAQ, but didn't see it covering this.

Basically...what do I do now?

Um...should I just change the date to let the original entry slide away?

Delete the post-date version (will that make them both disappear)?
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I don't know if this is possible ... though it would be cool.

Is it possible to set a default security level on a tag? For example: tag 'adult' and I'd like every post with this tag to be at the 'nsfw' security level. Is there some way so that when I tag an entry with 'adult' the security level is automatically set at 'nsfw'?
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I finally found the instructions on how to properly set up Semagic for cross posting to multiple journal accounts. I knew I was missing something the other day when I posted on how to set up Semagic to post to DW. Semagic works for Windows; as well as with Mac and Linux (you have to install them using WINE), download information is here.

Instructions )

When you go to post, click "Journal" > "Post to Multiple Journals". A little box will appear with a list of your journal accounts you've just set up, simply select the ones you want to post to and click "OK". I just did a test a few minutes ago and it works this time!

Courtesy of [personal profile] morgandawn:
also, if for some reason your tags are not carrying over to DW....

I found a Semagic workaround. very simple

"...tags are enabled for Insanejournal.com and any other site after opening an entry with tags in the history window."


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