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Profile codes on userinfo page.

Hi, quick question...

I'm trying to spiffy up my userinfo page, but for some reason it is ignoring the HTML code, or at least, not displaying it correctly. I thought I might be stuffing it up so I tried using a profile code I found over on LJ that I knew worked there as a test - it wasnt anything fancy, it was just regular old HTML with some inline CSS - table, td, tr, bgcolor, font style="letter-spacing: 2px", etc. There were no special css classes being used. When I paste the code into my LJ profile it works fine. But when I paste it into DW it does not. The table seems to show up (somewhat) but I think its the padding and bgcolor etc that don't seem to work.

So, long story short, before I spend several hours pulling my hair out trying to get it to work, I'm just wondering if there are any restrictions at the present time on what code can be used on the userinfo page?
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I'm curious about this too! It applies to entries as well as the User Info, I think. I'd love a list of what HTML tags are supported and what aren't.

As far as I'm aware, "old school" html shortcuts such as <small>, <big> and <font> don't work. However I know <div> works, so I've had to start using <div style="font-family: xxx; font-color: #xxx; font-size: #px;"> etc.

I'm not a coder, but I know there is always a lot of debate about what is "good" HTML and what isn't. I am fairly sure the loss of <table> would have to do with making site content usable for screen-readers as part of their attempts to make Dreamwidth Unsighted Friendly; apparently they stumble over nested tables.
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<font> actually works on profiles.
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Non-nested tables do have a valid purpose, though--for displaying data in a table as originally intended. I hope they don't make that tag completely unusable.
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It's a bug

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There's a bug, it's known about, it's in the bug tracker, but it's regarded as low priority in the run-up to open beta launch. Basically the site pages have some CSS and it conflicts with yours, so your codes aren't working on the userinfo page. So at the moment there are some restrictions in practice, but they're accidental and will probably go away eventually. (I think you won't be completely free to customize your userinfo page, because it needs to show all the information that the site expects, but I'm not sure DW is going to be keeping that restriction forever.) Once the bug is fixed anything that works on LJ should work here, anyway.
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Re: It's a bug

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there's also a list of known UI issues on the wiki, if the bug tracker feels too intimidating.