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chaosraven ([personal profile] chaosraven) wrote in [community profile] getting_started2009-04-28 10:48 pm

LJ User Links?

In a cross-posted entry (to livejournal), the lj user I specified didn't get a proper link, just their name showing up in plain text, though the link worked in my dwj. Is that normal/something that's being dealt with?
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[personal profile] hatman 2009-04-29 06:44 am (UTC)(link)
The crossposter is still a work in progress.

But, actually, I'm being told (I asked on IRC), and there's an update that'll be going up shortly which should address that exact thing. :)
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Re: LJ User Links?

[personal profile] piranha 2009-04-29 08:06 am (UTC)(link)
no, definitely not you. and it works now. :)

if you're not sure whether something is your doing or a bug, you can check known issues in the wiki. it's a little technical, but you can often figure out whether you have one of the listed problems.

in the future we'll have a much more user-friendly support board for that.
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[personal profile] magycmyste 2009-04-29 07:19 pm (UTC)(link)
If I remember correctly, a post I cross-posted recently got the lj-cut stripped out, and I had to re-add it in LJ and IJ. When I looked at the html, the markup is slightly different.

This might be the same sort of thing. It seems that they're working on it, though, so that's great. ^_^