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I was wondering if a community is actually restricted to only selected members who can post, would that make "members" and "subscribers" interchangeable by definition then? In other words, if post access is restricted, then there's no benefit of being a "member" since you can subscribe without being a member, right?

I just want to ask since I'm running a community but only few people can post. So I was wondering if "opening" membership has any benefits at all. Thanks!
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 I don't know if this is because livejournal changed how their cut works but when I try to make a cut on dreamwidth that crossposts to livejournal, dream shows the full text on the journal entry instead of cutting off that extra text and hiding it.  Does anyone have this problem and if, so, how to fix it? 
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Had an issue with my new default icon. It didn't show up when I logged into my journal. All of my other icons are intact.
I deleted the icon and uploaded it again.
Is this just a temporary glitch?
The size of the icon is correct and it's under 40kb.
Anyone else having this issue?
I do keep my icons saved on CD/USB stick and on my computer in a separate folder, should I need to upload them again.
Not a newbie with icons, had been a long time user at LJ, don't like it there(at LJ) anymore and I sometimes like to change my icons from time to time.
None of my icons at my DW journal here were imported.
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When the new update page goes live, is it going to have the ability to create draft posts and schedule them for posting (as Wordpress does)? I know it's been in beta for a while, and I thought I heard a rumor that it was going to, but that was a while ago and I can't remember how to turn the beta back on to check for myself :/
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Is it possible to remove the crossposted text if you've decided you really don't want to crosspost every entry? I have several entries I'd like to delete from the LJ version of my journal but I don't see a way to remove the text that says the entry was crossposted - even when I uncheck the crosspost option and save again.
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Hello! I was just wondering if there is a way to post all my DW entries to LJ? I was trying LJArchive, but I couldn't seem to load my DW posts on it. Thank you! :)
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Hey there guys! ^_^/

I've often commented here before helping others out, but this is my first time actually posting an entry here! I guess this day had to come some time, didn't it? =P

Anyway, I run a community on here that has been gaining members by the day, and recently the other admin and I were working on a very beautiful flash banner for the top of the comm, to be used as a header. But despite all the things I've tried, I simply cannot find a way to actually have it show up as the header image! >.< Usually when I try to add the file as a banner, it removes the custom layout I have up entirely! O.o

Does anyone know if it's possible to put a .swf file or an embed at the top of a community, as a sort of header? And if so, how is that done? 

Thank you so much for anyone who can help! I know if we can get this working, it will be a treat for all the members on the community! ^_^v

Edit: I should mention, I am using a custom-made Flexible Squares layout! The other I might consider is Smooth Sailing...In case that helps! ^^
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I think I remember reading something about special ways to cut text in an entry, but the faq about cuts doesn't mention it, so maybe I am imagining things or remembering someone saying "it would be nice to have these features, which don't exist"?

+ Nested cuts: is it possible to have a cut within a cut, so that when you open the first cut you don't open the second?

+ Cuts that stay cut even when the post is opened in a new window. Normally cuts are shut only in viewing a reading list, a whole journal, or a day view. Is it possible to make a cut that will stay put on an individually-viewed post, so that the viewer can choose to open it or leave it closed?
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Hi there,

Not sure if this is the right comm to post this question, but I figured I'd start here. If there's a better place, please let me know.

Navigation strip issue... )

Thanks in advance! (If you feel this warrants a help ticket being filed, please advise and I will do so).
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How do I change the Entry Width. I have been searching for this answer on google and around dreamwidth and I can not find it. Can someone help me? Thank you in advance! Also one more question is there away to move the reply to links to the right of the page?
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I'm trying to subscribe a community I maintain to a blogger feed. The feed has been created and is fine, ( and I could subscribe to it with my personal account, no problem. Where I'm running into trouble is adding the feed to the community so it shows up on those pages as well. I searched the FAQ, but didn't see anything about it in the RSS feeds section. When I tried to add the feed like an ordinary member, that didn't work either, and one time I got a message about how a syndicated feed could not be added like a regular member. Is there a way to make this work, and I'm just blind and missed it? 

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This is my first time posting here so I hope I get this right!

I've been making tables to act as masterlists for the fics that I've posted here, but I've got a different reaction on one page to on the others despite using the same coding and now have a huge space before it shows the actual table *headdesk*

Can anyone suggest a simple solution? I say simple because my coding skills are very basic!

This is a link to the page that displays correctly and this is a link to the the page that does not display correctly.

And this is the coding that I used : < cut text="Supernatural" >
< table border = "4" table width = 700 align = center >< tr >< td >< b >Supernatural< /b>< /td></tr>

<tr><td>One shots</td></tr>

I even tried copying directly from the one that works to the one that doesn't - the weird spacing was still there.

Thank you in advance to anyone for your help.
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Hi all :D

I'd like to privatize all my old entries, but I don't see a mass edit option under the edit entries page. Is this a paid feature like it is on LJ? How would I access it?

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Hi. Quick Question,

I can see where I can edit the crossposting footer that appears on my livejournal entry, but where can I edit the crossposting footer that appears on my dreamwidth entry? At the moment is just says "Crossposts: [html link to lj entry]" and I'd like to change that to something prettier.

Thanks : )
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I thought I remembered reading some time back that there was a way of performing a combined tag search in journals -- in other words doing a Tag A AND Tag B search. However, I couldn't see anyplace where this would be done. Is this possible?
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I know that there is a way to import journals from LJ. Is there a way to export DW journals to LJ? Or do I need to go in, edit individual posts and crosspost from there? Silly me only recently decided to synchronize all my journals. Took me a while to realize that it isn't a complex process. :)
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There's a feature to do so on livejournal, and I'm pretty sure you can do it here on dreamwidth, too. (I've seen it! This journal is also proof that you can disable it.) But how do you do it? I've tried looking around for an answer, but I couldn't find one. I looked under Presentation, and it says this:

"Disable customized comment pages for your journal
OBSOLETE: This option has been moved to Account Settings"

I checked under Account Settings, but I couldn't find the option to disable custom comment pages. Please help me! @~@
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I recently did a tutorial on how to code simple tables for Dreamwidth, because the HTML used on this site is a little different from other journalling platforms, and someone pointed me here as a good place to link to it! Here's the tutorial, I hope it's helpful to someone.
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I've set up[ a comm. I've set myself up as mod/administrator. I've set up my email to receive notifications. I've set up a co-mod with administrator privileges. So far, so good.

How do I set up email notifications for both me and my co-mod? Can I do that, or does my co-mod need to do it?

I've seen instructions in the FAQ for how to set up as a solo mod, pass all the modly duties on when you want to give up modding, but not how to share modding duties. Please help!
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When I go into a previously posted entry and attempt to edit the tags by clicking on the little box with my list, it erases all my other tags and replaces it with just the one. If I try to put two tags to an entry, the second one erases the first one, even if I put a comma after them.



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