May. 8th, 2009

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Is anyone else having trouble with the 'remember me' tab not working? I've had to log in every single time I've been on the site today. I deleted my cookies thinking that might be the problem but it didn't help.
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This is probably not exactly what this community is meant for.

I would like to set up a syndicated feed of my DW account on LJ, but apparently creating feeds requires having a paid account these days. Unfortunately no one I know has one. If anyone here has a paid account on LJ, would they be willing to do this for me? As far as I know, it won't have any negative consequences; you can create as many feeds as you want. If all else fails, I'll pay the $5 for two months of paid time, but I'd rather not give them any more of my money.
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My sidebar has been pushed to the bottom of my entries (I guess because the box that holds my entries is too large to allow the sidebar to fit?). However, this is new and unexpected and I've not made any changes to my journal. How do I get my sidebar to show up on the side, not squished to the bottom?

I gather my main box has to be narrower?

My page:
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Here's a question: We all know that there are various methods by which you can post to DW. Twitter, Crossposting, Semagic, Flickr, Importing into Facebook, post by e-mail, post by e-mail, etc.

Also, I'm sure it's not in the works yet, but what about auto music detection, scrobbling?

Is there one central location where one can get tips/tutorials on how to post through other methods than the web interface?
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Does anyone know anything about how Dreamwidth's plans for the importation system?

I'm specifically trying to find out if it would be possible *in the future* just to import certain entries from a journal based on tag or between a certain time period or something. We're still in beta so I'm not concerned about it much yet, but I can't find the "wishlist" page I used to have bookmarked and I could have sworn it mentioned something about the importation system on there.


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