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JBS ([personal profile] jackbeskimble) wrote in [community profile] getting_started2009-05-05 06:10 pm

Friends lists and icons...

Appologies in advance for the noob-ish questions! I've gone and imported both my journals on LJ, and all my friends have access to this account. I've combed the FAQ a few times now, but I still can't find it - what do I have to do now to view my friends posts here on my reading list? (A fairly simple how-to-for-the-noob would be really nice!) Or has this not been implemented yet?

Also, when I imported my journal entries, every single entry was given my default icon/user pic, regardless of what icon I used for that post on LJ, even when I imported all my icons. Is this something I just have to put up with?

(ETA: Actually, logging out and in again seems to have restored my original icon settings. Yay!)


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