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Friends lists and icons...

Appologies in advance for the noob-ish questions! I've gone and imported both my journals on LJ, and all my friends have access to this account. I've combed the FAQ a few times now, but I still can't find it - what do I have to do now to view my friends posts here on my reading list? (A fairly simple how-to-for-the-noob would be really nice!) Or has this not been implemented yet?

Also, when I imported my journal entries, every single entry was given my default icon/user pic, regardless of what icon I used for that post on LJ, even when I imported all my icons. Is this something I just have to put up with?

(ETA: Actually, logging out and in again seems to have restored my original icon settings. Yay!)

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You need to subscribe to their posts as well as allowing them.
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At the moment you cannot read LiveJournals from your Dreamwidth.org reading page, if that's what you're asking with your first question? The feature is a priority, they're aware people want it. If you add another Dreamwidth account or community, its entries will show up on your reading page.
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It's a priority, but from looking at their timelines, it sounds like they're not sure when it will be implemented (it's technically complicated).

I'm looking forward to it...
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Looking at your profile, you're currently subscribed to two OpenID accounts. Unfortunately, OpenID accounts can't post entries. And, as mentioned, the ability to read Livejournal posts on your Dreamwidth reading page has not yet been implemented.

I see, though, that you have a bigger access list. Dreamwidth has split the Livejournal concept of "friend" in half. Here, you have an "access list" of people who can see your locked entries and a separate "subscription list" of people whose entries you want on your reading page. So, if you want to follow those other journals, you'll have to subscribe to them as well as giving access. You can do that by visiting their journals, hovering your mouse over their userpics, going to your "manage circle" page, or any of a number of other ways.

Does that make sense?