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pages and custom text

I have no idea which com to post this but here goes -

I have a project I am starting and I need a 'log' to go along with it.  I would love to use DW but I am not sure if I can.  I need 'pages'  (kind of like a static post but on it's own page - wordpress has them)  but I have no clue if the DW/LJ code even allows for them.  Does anyone know?

Also, does anyone know the character or line limits of the custom text boxes?  (I need a lot)  I have played around with the one on this journal a little but can't find anything that says, 'hey, you have X amount of space'.
Finally, does anyone know when we might have a three column layout available?

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Re: Pages and custom text

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I am pretty sure that pages of some sort have been mentioned in [site community profile] dw_suggestions and are a planned feature, but we don't have them yet.

In the meantime, a lot of people use a future-dated post (Dated out of order) in order to put a long notice at the top of their journal.
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To replicate WP type pages, future-date your main page post and set your style to only show one post. Each "page" linked on your future-dated post is simply a post - but isn't showing up on the front.

Does that make sense?
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Maybe this will help.

Go to "Customize Journal." Find "Number of journal entries to show on recent entries page" and set that to 1. This will only allow your future-dated post to show on the journal's front page.

Any currently dated posts will only be accessible through links you create and put on your front page or sidebar.
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3 column is available with Tabula Rasa and you could do it with Negatives if you completely use your own CSS.

I'm using Tabula 2-column, but using CSS to get some of the elements display at half width so I've got a mix of 2- and 3-column bits.

Pages are on the wishlist, but are unlikely to hit for some time, definitely not during beta from what I understand.

No idea what the character limit is of the box, I've not started using it yet, but [personal profile] miss_s_b had put loads into hers so it's likely big.

To replicate pages, given that each post is just /number.html anyway, backdate the posts to one old month, then link to that archive month in your sidebar. That's probably the best hack for now.