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I just migrated over from LJ like approximately 30,000 of my close personal friends over the last 3 days .....

I was just making a post and went to insert an image. I notice that your Image Facilities (for lack of a better phrase) are not quite as good as theirs -- so far, that's the only thing that I've noticed, too.

Are their plans to change that? Should I be finding an External Image Gallery somewhere?

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[staff profile] mark is currently working on this. He has set it up so that you can post pictures via email but everything else is still in development. Until then, we are using external galleries.
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I think that Flickr is what most people are using.
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Erm ... I'm still using LJ Scrapbook to store images for my DW posts (mainly because of the Creative Commons provisions on Flickr and Photobucket).
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I dunno about Photobucket, but Flickr definitely allows you to choose the license you want to use, and so you don't have to use CC if you don't want to at all. You can stick with All Rights Reserved copyright.
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Problem is? Apparently when Flickr automatically creates resized versions of your image, they strip out the copyright information on those.

So your original image retains that information, but NONE of the auto-resized images (found all over Google and Yahoo, yay) retain your copyright.

This seems to be standard operating procedure for image-hosting sites, as I have yet to find one that doesn't do it. I'm thinking it's time to learn to upload here via email until such time as DW has its photo-upload feature online.
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As I understand it, the post images via email thing isn't actually live yet - [staff profile] mark got it working, but he hasn't committed it.
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Hrm, I don't know where you got this information, but it seems to be incorrect unless I am misunderstanding your meaning. I thought perhaps you meant if you physically set copyright information into your image the thumbnails and crops created wouldn't retain those, but I just tested it with an image and if I set the copyright (using Photoshop) and upload to Flickr, the copyright remains embedded, intact on the smaller sizes as well.

Not that I typically embed the copyright information my images before posting them online anywhere, though it occurs to me belatedly that it may be a good idea for some of them to make sure there's an easier way to track that I own the image. But I think technically the images would retain copyright anyway, simply as you created it and didn't specifically give those rights away? I don't study law, though, so I could be wrong.
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I've been doing my best to research this because I'm starting to get skeeved out by Photobucket, and everything I have found (including a huge thread of complaints by professional photographers on Flickr's own site, with no satisfactory answer from Flickr), indicated that copyright data was stripped from all their resized images.

Hunting around the 'net, I haven't yet found a site that doesn't do this.

If you have a (Mac-compatible) program that embeds data in such a way that my images won't get "orphaned", I'm interested!
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Interesting... and odd. I mean it doesn't show up if I just try to "View Info" using Firefox, but if I literally download the image and save it to my desktop and re-open it in Photoshop, even the thumbnail was copyrighted. Example (which is currently set to a CC license so you can download the images, but the copyright should still be embedded).

I'm at work on a PC, so I'll have to try again from my Mac at home, but if I find one that seems to work I will let you know. :)
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You can restrict but I think you have to do it for every image, unless you lock the whole account. I have to say it's a long long time since I used either so things may have changed.
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You can set a default licensing level and everything new will post under that. I never change my licensing level so I'm not sure if you can change all of them retroactively or not.
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You can change the licensing info for any picture at any time.
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[personal profile] cyprinella 2010-09-07 01:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Right, I meant change in bulk, not individually. But Flickr is pretty good about making it so you can do bulk and individual edits so I would be surprised if you couldn't.
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I use CC work, and for Flickr's sake I can say that:
a) They make it hard, but not impossible, to use non-CC work.
b) If I need to use CC images for a project or post, I search FOR CC work on Flickr, so your non-CC work is not likely to show up in searches or whatnot.
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Flickr's owned by Yahoo, so there are Issues there, too, although different ones. More evil money-gouging and control of your data issues than privacy, I think.

(I am pretty attached to it anyway.)
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personally I just use a Photobucket.com account.
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I have a locked tumblr account I use to host the photos I post here. To get a password protect account you need to sign up for a public account first