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I went back for about 80 entries but the only post I found that had anything to do with what I want to ask was this one and it doesn't answer my question, so... ^^

Up till now, I used the Livejournal Addon to be notified when my LJ friend page and inbox changed/received new posts/comments. It appeared at the bottom of my Firefox page, with the others add-ons.

Now I want to use DW but LJ too but I haven't managed to configure the add-on for DW and anyway I want to keep both LJ and DW working together (meaning, I'll have two flist/inbox to check every day. I don't want to risk missing anything, and I don't really want to mix my LJ friends/coms with the ones I read on DW).

So, is there a way to use Livejournal Addon to get notifications from both LJ/DW journals at the same time or is there another add-on/client that could warn me in real-time (or every 5 min or something) that my DW friend page/inbox changed?

Thanks in advance! ^^
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I'm not aware of anything, though I know several people have wondered about it and were looking at options a while back. [personal profile] azurelunatic or [personal profile] foxfirefey may know, as I vaguely remember they were in some of the conversations (though I can't now find any record), so if you don't get an answer here within another day or so, I'd suggest PMing them to ask.
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I have no idea, sadly.