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Can anyone tell me whether DW either has a way to change the security of past entries en masse (eg changing all past entries from public to access only) OR to delete past entries en masse?
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I have no idea which com to post this but here goes -

I have a project I am starting and I need a 'log' to go along with it.  I would love to use DW but I am not sure if I can.  I need 'pages'  (kind of like a static post but on it's own page - wordpress has them)  but I have no clue if the DW/LJ code even allows for them.  Does anyone know?

Also, does anyone know the character or line limits of the custom text boxes?  (I need a lot)  I have played around with the one on this journal a little but can't find anything that says, 'hey, you have X amount of space'.
Finally, does anyone know when we might have a three column layout available?

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I've successfully imported my entries from LJ, but haven't tried to import anything from insane journal yet aside from icons. There are very few entries there which are anything other than a mirror of what was on LJ but the ones that differ have comments. The rest don't.

If I clicked the import comments: implies entries would I get the duplicate entries I don't want, or only the select few that have comments on them?


In regards to tags, over on LJ they seem to fill themselves in semi-automatically after the first few letters typed into the tag bar. That function doesn't seem to be working over here as yet - not on my tag entry page at least.

Is this a glitch?
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So, I've gone and set up a community and have noticed that I can't set who can and cannot set tags or create tags for it. Similarly, I can't get to the manage tags page for my own account. Known bug, bad link, or something else?

Edit: Ok, apparently my proxy and the tags management page don't get along. Thanks!
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Hi there,

Ok over at LJ I have all my communities as a separate link, so when I click on it only posts from those communities show and aren't all mixed in with my friend's entries. Anyone know how to set up a filter like that here?? I have tried looking under manage circles and manage filters.

Thanks for everyone's help in advance


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