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I'm using the Green Machine for Lefty theme from [personal profile] sarken , and it's doing justify = full on the post text.  I'd prefer justification that allowed for jagged right edges.  I've looked at the Customize Journal Style area, in Fonts and Text and a bunch of other places.  Maybe it's the cold that's making me skip past what I want?  Can someone let me know where to find a ticky box that will change it from full to left justification?
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Okay, this isn't really any "getting started" stuff, but I thought I could still ask about this here (or is there some other community that'd be better suited for this?)

I was very happy to find out you actually can import flexible squares journal style to dreamwidth, as my journal on LJ was built on that, and I wanted to make my DW similar. I did it, seemingly without trouble, but there are a few things that didn't quite work out:

1) people's names don't show on the reading page. They should, of course, appear under the icons, but there's nothing. It's a bit too much work to memorize everyone's icons to know who they are (well, of course I see who they are when I hover the mouse over the icon, but still. Not very handy.)

2) the subjects don't work as links to the posts

3) there's too much stuff in the header box - and, as this is DW and not LJ, I'd rather it said circle and not friends, but I simply can't figure out where to change that...

Can anyone help? I'm kinda clueless with these things... Number 1 is the only real problem here, the others don't matter that much.
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I'm certainly not new, but at the moment I feel pretty confused.

I know that many of the layouts can be customized fairly easily - that is, via the wizards/options screens rather than by inserting CSS code.

The trouble is, I have no idea how to figure out which styles have which options without pitching out my current customized layout entirely to try out a new one.

LJ has, on the comm [ profile] s2howto, an inventory of the base styles and what features each has, plus a cross-indexed link of features and which layouts have them. For example, here's the tag list in sidebar option, which also notes which layouts have the tag cloud as an option.

I have just spent some time trying to find such an inventory, with no joy. Can anyone point the way?

Thanks very much!

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Hey Y'all,

I was just now trying to put a GoodReads widget on my profile, and it looks like something isn't working. There is whitespace where the widget should be, and the GoodReads logo, but none of the content is showing up. I check the code and everything looks good, though I did note that the widget uses iframe. I tried to search the web, yet I couldn't find anything that stated whether Dreamwidth supported iframe. Does anyone know?

Also, I was thinking about using Dreamwidth's open id capability to sign on to Livejournal, since some of the communities are more active there. Does anyone do this? What are your experiences with it if so?

Thank you for your time and attention.
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Hey there guys! ^_^/

I've often commented here before helping others out, but this is my first time actually posting an entry here! I guess this day had to come some time, didn't it? =P

Anyway, I run a community on here that has been gaining members by the day, and recently the other admin and I were working on a very beautiful flash banner for the top of the comm, to be used as a header. But despite all the things I've tried, I simply cannot find a way to actually have it show up as the header image! >.< Usually when I try to add the file as a banner, it removes the custom layout I have up entirely! O.o

Does anyone know if it's possible to put a .swf file or an embed at the top of a community, as a sort of header? And if so, how is that done? 

Thank you so much for anyone who can help! I know if we can get this working, it will be a treat for all the members on the community! ^_^v

Edit: I should mention, I am using a custom-made Flexible Squares layout! The other I might consider is Smooth Sailing...In case that helps! ^^
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Hi there,

Not sure if this is the right comm to post this question, but I figured I'd start here. If there's a better place, please let me know.

Navigation strip issue... )

Thanks in advance! (If you feel this warrants a help ticket being filed, please advise and I will do so).
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How do I change the Entry Width. I have been searching for this answer on google and around dreamwidth and I can not find it. Can someone help me? Thank you in advance! Also one more question is there away to move the reply to links to the right of the page?
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This is my first time posting here so I hope I get this right!

I've been making tables to act as masterlists for the fics that I've posted here, but I've got a different reaction on one page to on the others despite using the same coding and now have a huge space before it shows the actual table *headdesk*

Can anyone suggest a simple solution? I say simple because my coding skills are very basic!

This is a link to the page that displays correctly and this is a link to the the page that does not display correctly.

And this is the coding that I used : < cut text="Supernatural" >
< table border = "4" table width = 700 align = center >< tr >< td >< b >Supernatural< /b>< /td></tr>

<tr><td>One shots</td></tr>

I even tried copying directly from the one that works to the one that doesn't - the weird spacing was still there.

Thank you in advance to anyone for your help.
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There's a feature to do so on livejournal, and I'm pretty sure you can do it here on dreamwidth, too. (I've seen it! This journal is also proof that you can disable it.) But how do you do it? I've tried looking around for an answer, but I couldn't find one. I looked under Presentation, and it says this:

"Disable customized comment pages for your journal
OBSOLETE: This option has been moved to Account Settings"

I checked under Account Settings, but I couldn't find the option to disable custom comment pages. Please help me! @~@
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I recently did a tutorial on how to code simple tables for Dreamwidth, because the HTML used on this site is a little different from other journalling platforms, and someone pointed me here as a good place to link to it! Here's the tutorial, I hope it's helpful to someone.
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When I read to the end of a post and click "comment" (or whatever the OP has made her "post comment" button say), I am redirected to the top of the post and then I have to scroll down to the open comment box. It would be much much more convenient if I were immediately taken to the open comment box.

Is this an artifact of my custom layout, or a known way the DW interface works?

When I actually write my comment and click on "post the comment", I stay right with the comment, and do not get bumped back up to the top of the OP, which is what I want. So that's nice; i like that.
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I'd like to have my journal centred horizontally. I find my journal's default layout too wide to read comfortably, so I used body {width:70%;} to narrow it. However, it won't budge from the left side of the screen. I've tried align:center, float:center, and auto left and right margins. Having it all on the left leaves a distracting block of white space on the right, so I'd much prefer the journal in the middle.
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Is there a way to hide the links to the network/memories/tags pages on the top of my journal? They're features I love, but I don't want them displayed on my layout.

I'm using an imported layer/style in advanced customizations. It's for Flexible Squares and then I used the custom CSS option for most things (written by someone else for LJ). In the "Text" customization area, I only have options for recent entries, friend's page, profile, and archive. Anything I don't want to display, I just put in a space and that works, but I can't find anything for network, memories, or tags. Is there some CSS I can add to hide it? Or is it impossible to do because of the style I'm using or because it's something paid accounts can't opt out of?
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So, I've found a bunch of communities that offer layouts for DW journals, but I didn't manage to find one that offer layouts for the profile bio page.

Do you know of any community/user that propose layouts for the mini bio on the profile page?

I'm not sure that profile code found on LJ will work here, does anyone know about that? (because the one I had on LJ didn't like the transition to DW ^^;;)
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Is it possible to rename modules, such as Profile, or the Most Popular Tags profile? I'm using the layout FunkyCircles. I can't find anywhere to mod it so I can change the titles of the modules.
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When I set up my Dreamwidth I used Tabula Rasa and the wizard, alone. I'm quite pleased with the look but one thing is borked: When I go to reply to a comment my comment box veers right, floating as it were into the sidebar as the image below shows

I imagine that I need coding to tell the box to wrap, or not to float.

Can anyone please help, as I'm rather coding illiterate?

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Is there an easy way (or recommended layout) to add a javascript box to one's journal sidebar? Google Reader generates a java click box for blogs which looks pretty easy to cut and paste, but I thought I'd ask BEFORE giving myself the headache.

Font size

Oct. 15th, 2010 03:03 pm
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Hello all

Please tell me if I can make the size of the font of various module links and marks smaller? I tried to change "Size of module text font" in "customize style" but it seems not to influence anything at all. :(

screenshot, ~20kb )
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Is there a way to save changes you've made to a style? I want to play around with the new styles, but I've made some changes to my current style. I'd like to have my current (edited) style as a back up in case I'm not satisfied with the new one.

I've poked around a bit, but couldn't find anything on this, so forgive me if I'm missing something obvious.
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I've tried posting this as a support ticket, but nobody seems to be answering those, so I'll try here. I've set the title of my new blog to be "Imaginary Footlights", or at least I thought I did, but when I look at the top of the screen on my blog

instead of seeing the title, I see "joseph-dunphy | recent entries", which to my eye looks more than a little sloppy. Obviously, your system does allow one to have the title of one's blog appear there, as it should, as one can see by looking at a few of the other user's blogs, like this one

but I can't see how he did that. How does one do that?


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