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I'm using the Green Machine for Lefty theme from [personal profile] sarken , and it's doing justify = full on the post text.  I'd prefer justification that allowed for jagged right edges.  I've looked at the Customize Journal Style area, in Fonts and Text and a bunch of other places.  Maybe it's the cold that's making me skip past what I want?  Can someone let me know where to find a ticky box that will change it from full to left justification?
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Okay, this isn't really any "getting started" stuff, but I thought I could still ask about this here (or is there some other community that'd be better suited for this?)

I was very happy to find out you actually can import flexible squares journal style to dreamwidth, as my journal on LJ was built on that, and I wanted to make my DW similar. I did it, seemingly without trouble, but there are a few things that didn't quite work out:

1) people's names don't show on the reading page. They should, of course, appear under the icons, but there's nothing. It's a bit too much work to memorize everyone's icons to know who they are (well, of course I see who they are when I hover the mouse over the icon, but still. Not very handy.)

2) the subjects don't work as links to the posts

3) there's too much stuff in the header box - and, as this is DW and not LJ, I'd rather it said circle and not friends, but I simply can't figure out where to change that...

Can anyone help? I'm kinda clueless with these things... Number 1 is the only real problem here, the others don't matter that much.
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I'm certainly not new, but at the moment I feel pretty confused.

I know that many of the layouts can be customized fairly easily - that is, via the wizards/options screens rather than by inserting CSS code.

The trouble is, I have no idea how to figure out which styles have which options without pitching out my current customized layout entirely to try out a new one.

LJ has, on the comm [ profile] s2howto, an inventory of the base styles and what features each has, plus a cross-indexed link of features and which layouts have them. For example, here's the tag list in sidebar option, which also notes which layouts have the tag cloud as an option.

I have just spent some time trying to find such an inventory, with no joy. Can anyone point the way?

Thanks very much!

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I'd like to have my journal centred horizontally. I find my journal's default layout too wide to read comfortably, so I used body {width:70%;} to narrow it. However, it won't budge from the left side of the screen. I've tried align:center, float:center, and auto left and right margins. Having it all on the left leaves a distracting block of white space on the right, so I'd much prefer the journal in the middle.
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Is there a way to hide the links to the network/memories/tags pages on the top of my journal? They're features I love, but I don't want them displayed on my layout.

I'm using an imported layer/style in advanced customizations. It's for Flexible Squares and then I used the custom CSS option for most things (written by someone else for LJ). In the "Text" customization area, I only have options for recent entries, friend's page, profile, and archive. Anything I don't want to display, I just put in a space and that works, but I can't find anything for network, memories, or tags. Is there some CSS I can add to hide it? Or is it impossible to do because of the style I'm using or because it's something paid accounts can't opt out of?
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When I set up my Dreamwidth I used Tabula Rasa and the wizard, alone. I'm quite pleased with the look but one thing is borked: When I go to reply to a comment my comment box veers right, floating as it were into the sidebar as the image below shows

I imagine that I need coding to tell the box to wrap, or not to float.

Can anyone please help, as I'm rather coding illiterate?

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Is there a way to save changes you've made to a style? I want to play around with the new styles, but I've made some changes to my current style. I'd like to have my current (edited) style as a back up in case I'm not satisfied with the new one.

I've poked around a bit, but couldn't find anything on this, so forgive me if I'm missing something obvious.
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Important: I don't update this on a regular basis. Some styles are very likely missing from the lists and we probably have more themes and styles to choose from now.

Also this post used to list more cats such as color and number of columns but the great Dreamwidth Style Browser integrated this so it's become redundant.

This is for LiveJournal users who would like to use Dreamwidth styles but are a little lost when it comes to finding one or customizing it. I hope you'll find it useful. Suggestions and corrections are welcome.

Selection )Customization )
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I know there are plenty of custom layouts available for DW, but it's like pressing my nose against the candy shop window and knowing I can't have any, while the other kids are in there getting toffee and chocolates.

You see, none of the instructions I have found even make sense to me.  I'm not literate with coding and I don't even know what most of the references are to layers, etc., so I seem to be stuck. I need someone to actually walk me through this. I tried once on my own and the results were awful.

Please, is there a Guide for The First-Timer? Preferably with visuals, so that "Enter X code in Y layer" translates to "Type this code into this field right here on this page, see?" 

If there is, it'll help drive a lot more users here, IMO. The two biggest obstacles I'm seeing at LJ are "none of my friends are moving" and "I would move but I hate DW's styles."

For what it's worth, I've already moved, and paid, because my privacy is more important than my layout, but I feel the frustration all the same. 
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Hey! I just managed to install for myself a mood theme. However now I would like to set the mood theme pic left, like I have on my LJ account:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I managed to install Flexible Squares layout from LJ in here Dreamwidth. I would love to get also the working mood theme layer code for Flexible Squares layout as well.

When I tried to add the same layer which I have on my LJ account ( to the same section where I have flexible squares layer, it doesn't work :(

Has anyone managed to make the code work over at Dreamwdith?

This is how my metadata section looks now:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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So I felt ready to start experimenting with creating layers, both for layout and for themes. And it gives an error, saying I already have hit the maximum number of layers that I can have. I had accumulated a number of layers (on the Advanced Customization page) through trying out various options so I deleted many that I know I won't be using. But still got the above error. Did I maybe screw something up by deleting these?

A look at the FAQ says that capability for customizing styles is "limited" for free accounts, although I couldn't find what exactly "limited" meant there. So I thought maybe the next step was to get a paid account.

Then yesterday I had a chance to compare notes with a friend here at DW who also has a free account. And she's able to create new layers just fine. She showed me her screen and she had links to "your custom layers" that simply don't appear under my account.

So I am perplexed. Have I run into a bug? Do I need a paid account?

Quick qu:

Apr. 8th, 2010 08:13 pm
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Yes, it's me again...

I'm using Tabula Rasa. At the bottom of my entries, whether not not I have comments beneath, there sits a horizontal line, like the one created by manually html coding < hr >. I think this appeared after the last code push, but can not swear to it 100%.

Anyway, I'd like to get rid of this in my CSS overrides. I've tried:

.entry .tag_hr {display: none;}
.entry .bottom_border {display: none;}

But neither guess was the correct one. Anyone able to clue me in? ([personal profile] foxfirefey?) Anyone?

ETA: YES! You're all brilliant. Thank you!
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I built my layout using Tabula Rasa, and the theme wizard. Googled my way to adding a pinch of CSS code (while being utterly code illiterate) so my icons right justify and there's an added border on the left. I really like what I was able to achieve.

BUT I'm looking for some help in tweaking the look of comments on the page i.e. here. They look too cluttered to me.

What really I want to do is find a way to let the date/time of the comment and the user details (IP Address) be in a far smaller font, or be outlined in a box, so that they don't detract from whatever the actual comment is.

Can anyone help? And how complicated would this be to code so that only the comment boxes changed?

x-posted to [community profile] layout
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Hi. I'm really fed up with LJ, and I've decided to start using my DW as my primary journal.


1. How do I change the alignment of my style modules from left to right?
2. Can I crosspost using Semagic? If not, is there another client I can crosspost with? At the moment I'm stuck with Windows XP, but I'll be moving back to Linux in a few months, when I finish saving up for my new computer.
3. How do I customise the navigation strip colour?

That's it for now. Thanks. I'm sure I'll think of more questions soon.
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When I used to have an InsaneJournal, I was able to create layers for LJ layouts they did not have (eg: Flexible Squares, Smooth Sailing). I am trying to do the same with my DW account because I love Flexible Squares and have quite a few layouts which use that particular template.

However, when I go to S2, click "Your Layers", create one, paste in the code, and hit "compile/save" -- I get errors. This is the same layer code I've implemented on InsaneJournal and Inksome.

Is there something I'm missing or am I SOL? ;-)

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So, I had a Mixwit Theme layer, and I knew how to mess around with its CSS (a little, anyway), but I decided to change my layout to Tropical (Summer Holiday). Any italicized word in my entries are now colored blue. I want to change that, but I can't figure out how to get into the CSS. Help? (Apologies if this isn't on-topic for the comm, or if this is a really stupid question.)
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Is there any layout that has more than one custom text module?

If not, where would I go to find out how to add more text boxes?  Or if it is possible?

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I'm using Transmogrified, and got it pretty much the way I want it, with one niggling exception:

The page forward/page backward thing is displaying at the top and bottom of the page, and it's in that #0000ff blue that the internet uses for links as a default. I want it be on the sidebar, where the rest of the navigation stuff is, and the #878743 green that I'm using for the rest of my links.

I can live with the top and bottom thing, if that's complicated to change, but I really want the color to match the green I'm using for the rest of my links. I've got all the navigation colors set, but apparently the page forward/page back thing isn't included in that. Can anyone help with coding suggestions?

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I'm using a custom stylesheet by [personal profile] sforzinda that I've been adapting to suit my own taste. Nothing fancy, as I'm not great at CSS and I understand S2 even less.

My questions are:

Is it possible to make my journal title and subtitle display "inline"? And if so, how would I do that?


I've grayed out the header area to make what I'm asking a little more obvious. I would prefer less white space above it. I'm not sure which element I would mess with to "move the page up" essentially. I wasn't sure if this was caused by my stylesheet or if that's normal. Either way, I'd like to change it so if anyone can tell me how, I'd appreciate it.

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I have no idea which com to post this but here goes -

I have a project I am starting and I need a 'log' to go along with it.  I would love to use DW but I am not sure if I can.  I need 'pages'  (kind of like a static post but on it's own page - wordpress has them)  but I have no clue if the DW/LJ code even allows for them.  Does anyone know?

Also, does anyone know the character or line limits of the custom text boxes?  (I need a lot)  I have played around with the one on this journal a little but can't find anything that says, 'hey, you have X amount of space'.
Finally, does anyone know when we might have a three column layout available?



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