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How do I change the Entry Width. I have been searching for this answer on google and around dreamwidth and I can not find it. Can someone help me? Thank you in advance! Also one more question is there away to move the reply to links to the right of the page?
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This is my first time posting here so I hope I get this right!

I've been making tables to act as masterlists for the fics that I've posted here, but I've got a different reaction on one page to on the others despite using the same coding and now have a huge space before it shows the actual table *headdesk*

Can anyone suggest a simple solution? I say simple because my coding skills are very basic!

This is a link to the page that displays correctly and this is a link to the the page that does not display correctly.

And this is the coding that I used : < cut text="Supernatural" >
< table border = "4" table width = 700 align = center >< tr >< td >< b >Supernatural< /b>< /td></tr>

<tr><td>One shots</td></tr>

I even tried copying directly from the one that works to the one that doesn't - the weird spacing was still there.

Thank you in advance to anyone for your help.
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Hi all :D

I'd like to privatize all my old entries, but I don't see a mass edit option under the edit entries page. Is this a paid feature like it is on LJ? How would I access it?

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Hi. Quick Question,

I can see where I can edit the crossposting footer that appears on my livejournal entry, but where can I edit the crossposting footer that appears on my dreamwidth entry? At the moment is just says "Crossposts: [html link to lj entry]" and I'd like to change that to something prettier.

Thanks : )
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I thought I remembered reading some time back that there was a way of performing a combined tag search in journals -- in other words doing a Tag A AND Tag B search. However, I couldn't see anyplace where this would be done. Is this possible?
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I know that there is a way to import journals from LJ. Is there a way to export DW journals to LJ? Or do I need to go in, edit individual posts and crosspost from there? Silly me only recently decided to synchronize all my journals. Took me a while to realize that it isn't a complex process. :)
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There's a feature to do so on livejournal, and I'm pretty sure you can do it here on dreamwidth, too. (I've seen it! This journal is also proof that you can disable it.) But how do you do it? I've tried looking around for an answer, but I couldn't find one. I looked under Presentation, and it says this:

"Disable customized comment pages for your journal
OBSOLETE: This option has been moved to Account Settings"

I checked under Account Settings, but I couldn't find the option to disable custom comment pages. Please help me! @~@
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I've set up[ a comm. I've set myself up as mod/administrator. I've set up my email to receive notifications. I've set up a co-mod with administrator privileges. So far, so good.

How do I set up email notifications for both me and my co-mod? Can I do that, or does my co-mod need to do it?

I've seen instructions in the FAQ for how to set up as a solo mod, pass all the modly duties on when you want to give up modding, but not how to share modding duties. Please help!
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When I go into a previously posted entry and attempt to edit the tags by clicking on the little box with my list, it erases all my other tags and replaces it with just the one. If I try to put two tags to an entry, the second one erases the first one, even if I put a comma after them.

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When I read to the end of a post and click "comment" (or whatever the OP has made her "post comment" button say), I am redirected to the top of the post and then I have to scroll down to the open comment box. It would be much much more convenient if I were immediately taken to the open comment box.

Is this an artifact of my custom layout, or a known way the DW interface works?

When I actually write my comment and click on "post the comment", I stay right with the comment, and do not get bumped back up to the top of the OP, which is what I want. So that's nice; i like that.
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I've noticed the last few days my DW posts are not crossposting to my LJ. I get this error in my inbox: Crosspost to faedreamer@LiveJournal failed.

Failed to crosspost entry to faedreamer@LiveJournal: Failed to connect to

Does anyone know what this means and how to fix it? It worked beautifully up until about the beginning of this week. Thanks in advance!
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I'd like to have my journal centred horizontally. I find my journal's default layout too wide to read comfortably, so I used body {width:70%;} to narrow it. However, it won't budge from the left side of the screen. I've tried align:center, float:center, and auto left and right margins. Having it all on the left leaves a distracting block of white space on the right, so I'd much prefer the journal in the middle.
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Is there a way to hide the links to the network/memories/tags pages on the top of my journal? They're features I love, but I don't want them displayed on my layout.

I'm using an imported layer/style in advanced customizations. It's for Flexible Squares and then I used the custom CSS option for most things (written by someone else for LJ). In the "Text" customization area, I only have options for recent entries, friend's page, profile, and archive. Anything I don't want to display, I just put in a space and that works, but I can't find anything for network, memories, or tags. Is there some CSS I can add to hide it? Or is it impossible to do because of the style I'm using or because it's something paid accounts can't opt out of?
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Does anyone know what happens to my icons after my account reverts to free - which 15 icons are left (15 newest, oldest, random?), and will I need to reupload the >15 if I purchase paid time in the future, or will they magically reappear :o) ?

Thanks in advance!
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I remember reading somewhere that there's a simple way to view a community and choose to see only posts by a particular user. For example, using this method, I could go to [community profile] do_it and see only the to-do lists I've posted from my [personal profile] dorothean account. (And then I can worry about the to-do list items I haven't crossed off!)

I haven't the faintest idea how to do this, and it's not addressed in the FAQs, unless I am overlooking something. Possibly, I only dreamed that this feature exists. But if it's real, how does one use it?

Thanks! Sorry if this has already been covered here -- I just joined, and don't see anything in the last 60 entries.
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I'd like to embed an ogv file in my journal, but it doesn't work for, to me, inexplicable reasons. Whenever I try to include the code below, DW changes it to <site-embed id="22"></site-embed> after saving. Does anyone know why that is, or what I'm doing wrong? The code example is copied from Wikimedia using the 'Use this file on the web' link.

Youtube embeds work just fine.
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I have a bit of a conundrum.

I periodically import my LJ entries and comments to my DW journal.

However, someone on my LJ friendslist just told me they'd be much happier if their comments to my LJ didn't appear on DW.

As far as I know there's no way to prevent a specific user's comments from importing, so I thought I'd try to get the same result by banning the LJ user's OpenID from commenting on my DW.

Sadly, that doesn't seem to work.

Does anyone know why? When the banned LJ user's OpenID tries to comment on my journal here the banning feature works perfectly...Was I wrong to think the importer would respect my banning preferences or what?

Does anyone know of any other tricks to get what I was trying to do? Thanks.
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How do you create a secondary journal? I've looked in the FAQs, and I can't find anything.
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Someone on my reading list subscribes to a feed that dumps several pages worth of entries I don't care about on my network page every evening. I know about ?show=PC, but that strips out all the feeds and sometimes there's something new I want to see. Is there a way to cut one specific feed out of my network page? Or should I, hmm, subscribe to that feed and then filter it off my reading page? (Solution that just occurred to me.)

(I have checked the FAQs, but since I'm not sure what to call what I want to do, I hoped this might be a shortcut.)

lj heads...

Aug. 2nd, 2011 10:58 am
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I've seen in other entries that uses can use the lj head and when they use it link back to the user or community's lj. How do you do this?


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