May. 2nd, 2009

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A way to easily change the font in my journal. I'm using negatives that I have already totally customized the color for. It's virtually unrecognizable and I like it, but the font doesn't fit and it is throwing the alignment of my navigation, header and sidebar. I've searched for a quick way to tweak it but I'm not finding it.

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I've been playing with the Transmogrified layout and have a question. I'm more familiar with Flex Squares layout and CSS coding (I know enough to be dangerous) but I'm seeing a few different things in the Trans layout coding such as container, modules, entry-wrapper, etc. Does anyone have a diagram that explains the different aspects of the layout and what codes control each item?

I crossposted to [site community profile] dw_styles but thought I'd post here as well.

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I noticed the Icon creation tool--the page that comes up when you try to import a picture larger than 100x100 pixels--wasn't working.  I ran into a note in a news post that it is a know issue, and it's being worked on.

In the interim, a tip for making Icons if you don't want to resize the image in another program:

If you have icon space on Livejournal or another similar service that makes 100x100 icons, or if you can temporarily delete one you alread have to make space, you can make the icon there and then copy the resulting URL of the new icon into Dreamwidth's Icon importer page in the From URL box.    I've tried this and it works fine. 

In Firefox you right-click on an image and select properties to view the URL, I think IE is the same.
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I'm pretty sure this is the wrong place to ask, but I'm not sure what the right place is, so I'm asking here and hoping to get pointed in the correct direction.

I would like to find the documentation on dw's xmlrpc interface, like lj has here: so as to alter a script I use for posting to lj to work on dw. Specifically, there ought to be an option, (or more specifically, a key-pair) to x-post, so as to make x-posting from a client possible.
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I found a link to the poll creator - - via the FAQ, but that seems like the type of thing that one ought to be able to navigate to by a menu or other means.

I went to check on LJ, and there's a list on their version of the "post an entry" page that includes a link to the create a poll page:

(More ways to post: * Bookmarklet; * Download a Client; * IM Posting; * Voice Posting; * Mobile Posting; * Create a Poll)

Is the poll creator listed/linked elsewhere and I just can't find it?
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There's been some discussion of how to set up mood themes here already, but I wrote up my notes on How To Make Your Custom Mood Theme in a comment on someone's journal, and I thought they might be worth sharing here as well:

Basically, you need to:

a) upload your images somewhere

b) copy the text block from here (all the lines of "moodtheme_setpic 1234 90 100 60" etc) into a simple text editor such as Notepad

c) go to the console (the reference is here, if you wanted to look at it).

d) create your moodtheme with "moodtheme_create " - eg "moodtheme_create "SGA moodtheme" "SGA doodle moodtheme"" or whatever

e) find-and-replace:
  • with whatever the actual path to your image files is

  • .jpg if your files are .png or .gif, etc

  • 100 60 if your images are a size other than 100px by 60px

  • 1234 with your actual theme number, as created in step c)

f) go back to the console and paste in the edited block of text

ta-da, instant moodtheme!
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This is my first time posting here, so hopefully this is a relevant question.

I'm trying to credit the person who made the icons I have here at DW. One of them has a DW, so not an issue. The other person does not have a DW. I tried to do an <*a href...*> link in the comment box directly her LJ, but apparently you can't use that HTML code in the comment box. So I tried lj user, but that links to the DW of the person, NOT the LJ. And since they don't have a DW, it just comes up that the person doesn't have a registered DW account.

So the question is, how can I have it link to her actual LJ journal in the comment box for icons? I can just put the straight URL without linking (and that's what I've done for now), of course, but I'd like to be able to directly link to her.

Thanks in advance!


May. 2nd, 2009 07:21 pm
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Hi, I hope its ok to ask this here, but I am using Semagic to post to DW and posting is working, and crossposting works fine too. But the "edit friends" section doesn't appear to be working. I know from the wiki that we can't retrieve custom groups through it, but should we be able to retrieve just a list of subscribers? Or is DW's code too different and the friend management through semagic is something just not able to be done? If I click "update from server" it appears to connect, send and recieve data (I do not get an error message at all and I can see the numbers showing it is transmiting data in the client dialogue box) but I'm not getting any results.

Its not a problem if it doesn't work at all. I just want to make sure I'm not just doing something wrong...


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