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Hi all!

I've granted access to some person and now I'm thinking about taking it back. Will they receive a notification about my un-granting them?

Thank you!
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I just added a friend on LiveJournal -- and I wanted to add them here, because the whole thing is crossposted and all that.

So, I added him and got an error message saying he doesn't exist.

Can I not add somebody like that? (using the Livejournal ID [user.livejournal.com]) or am I doing it wrong?
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I have a friend on LJ considering a move/starting a journal @ DW. He asked the following:

"On LJ, I have organized my friends into 'friend groups', so that I can post some things that are visible only to my friends in Ohio, some only visible to my friends in Boston, and various other groups. Does DW support cross-posts that take advantage of LJ's 'friend groups'?"

Does DW currently have this capability? Is it in the works? Or should I open up a suggestion form on my friend's behalf?
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This is very strange. I have someone on my subscription list who is, as far as I can tell, not showing up my reading page. I've looked and looked and I cannot think of a single reason why she's not there. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this, or if I should take it to the higher ups?
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I like the new layout of the "manage your circle" page...

What do the asterisks mean? The column they are in is not labeled.
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Apologies if it's been asked already.

On Livejournal, you could append friendsfriends after your Livejournal URL and see a "Friends of Friends" reading page, where public entries by your friends' friends were listed.

Does Dreamwidth have a similar feature?

Thanks in advance!


May. 2nd, 2009 07:21 pm
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Hi, I hope its ok to ask this here, but I am using Semagic to post to DW and posting is working, and crossposting works fine too. But the "edit friends" section doesn't appear to be working. I know from the wiki that we can't retrieve custom groups through it, but should we be able to retrieve just a list of subscribers? Or is DW's code too different and the friend management through semagic is something just not able to be done? If I click "update from server" it appears to connect, send and recieve data (I do not get an error message at all and I can see the numbers showing it is transmiting data in the client dialogue box) but I'm not getting any results.

Its not a problem if it doesn't work at all. I just want to make sure I'm not just doing something wrong...
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I've heard rumors that there's a way to read your LJ friends page from Dreamwidth. Is this a feature that will only be available in open beta or is it something that's not being planned?
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I've recently arrived to dreamwidth (er, hi everyone!) and after trying to friend find the people I already know and catch up with the people like me coming on the new wave of invites, I noticed something cool and neat.

If you have your dreamwidth inbox set to notify you about people subscribing or granting access, you can go check them out or immediately subscribe/grant access back directly from your inbox.

Also, if you just pass your cursor over their username at ANYTIME, a box will come up to join communities, subscribe, grant access automatically rather than going to their profile and all these added steps.

Maybe this is something utterly profound and/or everyone knew about already but me, but I thought these features were really cool, so I wanted to share with everyone else.
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I noticed in my 'manage filters' file that the fields containing friends and comms to shuffle around are empty. Will creating a 'default' filter populate them? Or is this area still under construction as the text seems to suggest?

Thanks! You all are doing a great job!
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This may be covered somewhere in the FAQ but I can't seem to find it. I was wondering if there was an easy way to make all of the entries that I imported from LJ set to a 'private' entry? (Also if anyone knows of a way to add a tag to them all at once so I know they were made on LJ - such as an "LJ Entry" tag for example that would be great too!)
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Over in LJ land, my favorite way to find neat people and interesting conversations is through "friendsfriends". Over the last couple of days, despite searching and plugging in every variant of "readread" that I can think of, I have been unable to find it here.

Is it a feature that didn't make it over/hasn't been coded yet/is planned for implementation post-beta or does it exist now and I'm just oblivious?
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I like Dreamwidth, I like the concept, the ideas, and everything about it. However, a LARGE number of my friends use exclusively LJ. Is there a way to somehow condense that friends page into the DW reading page, so that I don't miss stuff?
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Is the friends of friends feature active on DreamWidth? A quick search makes me think it is (or will be). How does one access it?


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