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I can't remember if it was a DW innovation or something LJ had as well, but isn't there something that will auto-open all cut tags loaded below?

I'm thinking along the lines of the ?show=C hack...
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Hello! Is there a way to remove a tag from the autocomplete? I'm typing on the DW website on Chrome and the autocomplete brings up my old tags when I am typing tags in my entries. 

And so of my old tags are unfortunately triggering.

I could code my tags so that they don't pop up, have all the triggering ones start with an *, like a friend helpfully suggested. But I'd like to know if it is possible to remove some of them from the autocomplete, or alternatively to turn the autocomplete off?


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I thought I remembered reading some time back that there was a way of performing a combined tag search in journals -- in other words doing a Tag A AND Tag B search. However, I couldn't see anyplace where this would be done. Is this possible?
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When I go into a previously posted entry and attempt to edit the tags by clicking on the little box with my list, it erases all my other tags and replaces it with just the one. If I try to put two tags to an entry, the second one erases the first one, even if I put a comma after them.

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Hi! One of many newbies here. I've imported one journal, and I see that it's possible to merge journals by importing another one into the first one.

My question is, is it possible to select only certain entries from the second journal for import? Say, ones which have a specific tag? I know that's asking for a lot, but it would be really convenient.

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I thought I read somewhere that it was possible for paid accounts to put in a subscription filter for tags but I can't find it anymore. Am I imagining this? If not, how do I do it?
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Okay, so DW has larger maximums than LJ for just about everything - longer comment lengths, longer entry lengths, longer tag lengths, longer username lengths, etcetera, etcetera.

Any chance we'll get a larger maximum number of tags? Because I have one account for which 1000 isn't going to cut it.

(Is this the right place to ask? I thought there was a "request features" comm, but now I can't find it.)


tags list

May. 19th, 2009 11:50 am
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Possibly a really stupid question, but I can't figure out how to solve it.

I know there's been a quite a bit of layout overhauling going on, and one of the recent changes seems to have been to add a count for the number of times a tag has been used to the tags list in the sidebar. I find that information interesting on the tags page, but I'd like to hide it in the sidebar as it makes it seem really cluttered.

Is there a way to hide the tag use count in the sidebar?

I'm using "negatives" and have the tag list currently set to "multilevel" as the count is less intrusive than when it's set to "list".

Thanks for any suggestions
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How does one use the multilevel tags feature? I thought it was as simple as writing the tags like so:

music: the beatles
music: green day

etc., and then selecting the multilevel option on the Customize Journal Style page. Apparently, it isn't though.

So, how does it work? I don't see anything about it in the FAQ yet.

Thank you! :)

edit: They're showing up multilevel on the tags page, but not in the sidebar. Hmmm...


May. 3rd, 2009 10:39 pm
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Can I add tags in a community without adding the tags to an entry?
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I don't know if this is possible ... though it would be cool.

Is it possible to set a default security level on a tag? For example: tag 'adult' and I'd like every post with this tag to be at the 'nsfw' security level. Is there some way so that when I tag an entry with 'adult' the security level is automatically set at 'nsfw'?


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